Four eyes are sexier than two

Alexis @collegeladyblog just ended up with her first pair of glasses. She shares what she has discovered. A genuinely good read and a very mature and wonderfully written piece. Please visit and take a look. And yes, FOLLOW HER BLOG! (She’s not crazy psycho massive content like I am!) Did you guys just hear a screaming voice or was that just me?

A College Girl's Confessions

Glasses: The universal symbol for the socially awkward nerd or the uptight librarian. When I think of glasses I think of the intellectuals, the Comicon fanatics, the hipsters, and those particularly proficient in the game of Magic.

In my head….I was not the one to wear glasses. I denied my inner nerdiness. However, it seemed as if the universe was aiming to make me embrace it.

I had an eye exam appointment scheduled last week and I was sure my vision was just fine. Growing up with my mom, the concept of annual eye exams were not a thing she thought to be important so I never had one. Visiting my dad led me to an eye exam which I thought was overrated, but went anyway.

At the exam they made me stick my head in what looked to be a torture device. It was. I pressed my eye into…

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Brown Eyes

Brown Eyes

by: Ronovan

 Brown Eyes

Sweetness of Maple Gold

Richer than any money

The depths of the soul

Reflected in Amber Honey

The Blues and Greens

They have all been written

Epic love stories and poems

And battles by men smitten

For me I say no

I am trapped in your deep

That mysterious depth

That liquid mahogany of your keep

Eyes the shade to see my smile

Not lost in the hues of skies and seas

The beauties of the world

Have eyes such as these


Who is the first brown eyes many men my age or older fell in love with? Yes, Audrey Hepburn.

© Copyright-All rights 10, 2014.