Book Review – Ronovan Hester – Amber Wakes by @PhantomGiggler

Ritu read my book! And then left a review and even posted it on her blog. Thought I would share.
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But I Smile Anyway...

Ron Book

In the spirit of the evening, I must also write a post about another great book I just finished the other day. Ron, you know, Lovely Ron, of Ronovan Write’s fame?

Well, he wasn’t content with inspiring us weekly, first with his Weekly Haiku Challenge, and then more recently with his Friday Fiction With Ronovan Writes fiction challenge. Oh no!

That Ron had been busy writing a book himself! Amber Wakes, written with P.S. Bartlett, is a swashbuckling pirate tale, and if I am honest, not the kind of fiction I would usually read.

Here is the review I left on Amazon…

Pirates? Not my usual cup of tea, but reading the reviews, I thought I’d give it a chance.
What did I think?
It took me a little while to get into the swing of the story, but once I was in, I was engrossed! I forgot this…

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Unsung Hero: The Stay at Home (And/Or Single) Mom

Unsung Hero: The Stay at Home (And Single) Mom
by: Ronovan

I read an article by my friend Barbie over at B’s Words called Stay at Home Loser. Just when you get caught up in your own world of problems someone smacks you in the face with a world of more of them, and really some that are worse.

Sure I have problems of misconceptions about my health, but Barbie’s article just really brought a subject to mind that just . . . well . . . wow.

I’m going to focus on the Stay at Home Mom here, although this could apply to Stay at Home Dads too. And I don’t intend to take much time as I want you to go read Barbie’s article and get raw honesty on the subject.

What do I see the Stay at Home Mom as being:
• Character builder
• Manners teacher
• Respect teacher
• Human teacher
• Kindness teacher
• Love teacher
• Equality teacher
• Sharing teacher
• Reading teacher
• Writing teacher
• Responsibility teacher
• Safety teacher
• Relationship teacher
• Smile builder
• Laughter builder
• Face making teacher
• Walking teacher
• Riding bike teacher
• Look ways before you cross teacher
• Hold my hand teacher
• It’s okay to be you teacher
• How to forgive teacher
• It’s okay to make mistakes teacher
• Clean up your mess teacher
• How to make a sandwich teacher
• Singing teacher
• Psychiatrist
• TV and media specialist/monitor
• How to hug teacher
• Dietician

There are a lot more things that a Stay at Home Mom is but there are just the ones that quickly came to mind aside from the cleaning things they go through, (Not wanting to think of laundry, dishes, or diapers, thank you very much). I don’t see Loser on the list. These are just my view from the outside.

Please share what some of your definitions of a Stay at Home Mom. But before you answer, go read Barbie’s article and maybe leave your definition there instead. She inspired this article, give her the great words back.

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