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A little fun for today. Why? BECAUSE WE NEED IT!!! We’ve blogged too much already!!! LAUGH A LITTLE!!!!

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Kirk Cameron’s Merry Christmas to Mothers.

I saw some headlines about Kirk Cameron recently and how he was talking about women should stay home. These comments were made after a less than 1 minute clip was released about Christmas joy and his new movie.

Well you know me, I have to check things out for myself.

I listened to the clip. I had other people, including women listen to it, without my input and asked what they thought. Most of them said it was pretty good, or cool. So I had to ask, was it sexist? They all looked at me funny. Then of course I had to explain.

You see what Kirk Cameron says in his clip is that for those women who are the ones who are responsible for the Joy in their homes to not let others take that Joy from them. You think about it. Anyone who has that holiday pressure on them, especially the Stay At Home Mom can take a beating during the holidays.

Kirk appeared on a news program and was asked about it and this was with four news women and none of them saw the clip as sexist. They had seen the headlines and then saw the clip and were like, say what?

So for those of you out there that haven’t seen the clip:

Go to that link. The first thing you see is the news clip. Scroll down and you see a clip with Kirk in red. Down at the bottom is him in a Santa outfit. I have no idea what that is. Kinda creepy if you ask me. But the first two are the ones you might want to check out if you care to.

Why did I decide to speak on this? I don’t like the media ways of doing things. Listen to things for yourself. Read the real things for yourself.  Take it from  a History Teacher. Thing are skewed by everyone.


Much Respect





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Unsung Hero: The Stay at Home (And/Or Single) Mom

Unsung Hero: The Stay at Home (And Single) Mom
by: Ronovan

I read an article by my friend Barbie over at B’s Words called Stay at Home Loser. Just when you get caught up in your own world of problems someone smacks you in the face with a world of more of them, and really some that are worse.

Sure I have problems of misconceptions about my health, but Barbie’s article just really brought a subject to mind that just . . . well . . . wow.

I’m going to focus on the Stay at Home Mom here, although this could apply to Stay at Home Dads too. And I don’t intend to take much time as I want you to go read Barbie’s article and get raw honesty on the subject.

What do I see the Stay at Home Mom as being:
• Character builder
• Manners teacher
• Respect teacher
• Human teacher
• Kindness teacher
• Love teacher
• Equality teacher
• Sharing teacher
• Reading teacher
• Writing teacher
• Responsibility teacher
• Safety teacher
• Relationship teacher
• Smile builder
• Laughter builder
• Face making teacher
• Walking teacher
• Riding bike teacher
• Look ways before you cross teacher
• Hold my hand teacher
• It’s okay to be you teacher
• How to forgive teacher
• It’s okay to make mistakes teacher
• Clean up your mess teacher
• How to make a sandwich teacher
• Singing teacher
• Psychiatrist
• TV and media specialist/monitor
• How to hug teacher
• Dietician

There are a lot more things that a Stay at Home Mom is but there are just the ones that quickly came to mind aside from the cleaning things they go through, (Not wanting to think of laundry, dishes, or diapers, thank you very much). I don’t see Loser on the list. These are just my view from the outside.

Please share what some of your definitions of a Stay at Home Mom. But before you answer, go read Barbie’s article and maybe leave your definition there instead. She inspired this article, give her the great words back.

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