Espresso – My top 3 lessons from my first week as a writer. By: Brett.

Well I have to say that this is an amazing article. It humbled me in many ways. Everyone visit this link to Brett’s page and Follow him. He’s starting a life as a writer and I have to say that if this article is a beginning, then I am so far behind him that I don’t deserve to have my name mentioned in it. So yes, I say again. Click and read and Follow and also follow him on Twitter as another show of support. @BrettsFuture We all need that little shot of double espresso sometimes.

Brett's Future


I sit here in restless repose forcing myself to relax. Mind aflutter, new venture afoot; uncertainty over my standing. In my heart the path is right. But that demon called fear casts a shadow before me.

I reflect upon the week of boldness I have just completed. There are lessons I’ve learned along the way, important reminders to guide my journey. Initial thoughts are important thoughts I tell myself as I struggle with my focus. Why is that I ask? Surely the lessons grow stronger with time, with greater experience? So I sit and contemplate why I feel this way.

Then I realize that these initial thoughts are like espresso, the initial injection in coffee each morning. That first rush after waking as you consider the long day stretched out ahead. You know that the cup you hold in your hand will not get you to the end. But that…

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