My Sunday Thought: Bill Cosby–Torn between Two Worlds

Bill Cosby.

A few weeks ago by putting that name at the top of my Sunday Thought would have made people think of something like, Fatherhood, Family, Morals. Now, if you have been following the news or haven’t been hiding in some Super Walmart fitting room you might have another thought about where I would go with it.

Just for a brief explanation:

A comic, who I had never heard of, decided to make as part of his routine or perhaps as a spur of the moment thing the bringing up an old case about Bill Cosby being accused of drugging a woman and then raping her. This was then caught by the media and things caught fire with women coming out saying Bill Cosby had done the same thing to them.

The case mentioned was settled out of court. Now before you decide that Cosby must be guilty if he did that, think about how you would fill if your entire life, entire sexual life were going to be exposed to the entire world during a trial. He might have went along with his attorney who came up with the idea. “Bill, a few thousand dollars or your name becoming a joke for a while? Take your pick.”

Or you might think, if the woman was really after justice she would not have settled out of court and wanted Bill Cosby found guilty. But then she might have gone along with her attorney in a similar situation as Cosby went through.

In the Bible they had Judges who would determine if you were guilty of something after hearing everything. Usually the offenses were settled between the two involved and often times no one ever even knew anything happened.

With the media today grabbing onto anything possible, especially if it would tear down a moral icon like Bill Cosby, we as people not even involved are making judgements in this situation for or against Cosby and the women coming forward.

From my understanding the limitations have passed for the trying of anything even if guilt is true.

My opinion:

Bill Cosby knows the truth and so does God. One day he will have to stand before God and give an account of all he has done. Bill Cosby is no saint. He cheated on his wife and had a child that he financially supported. She stayed with him after finding out. I look at his wife sitting beside him through a recent interview and her support of him and that says a lot to me. But it does not say he is innocent for certain.

I have no say in his guilt or innocence. Some reading this will say that I should rail against him with anger in defense of women since I claim to respect and cherish women so much. I do respect and cherish women, but I also respect and cherish the word of God. I only speak to build people up, not to tear them down. I don’t know all of the specifics and the supposed realities from both sides. This is not my case. There is no case actually. There are simply people saying things that can’t be proven or dis-proven after all these years. How can I make a judgement without knowing everything that needs to be known?

Corporations are cutting ties with Cosby left and right without even knowing any facts or hearing anything other than the media circus, afraid of the fallout.

I saw  a clip from a morning panel type talk show where the issue was discussed and it was an interesting and disturbing piece. Some were attempting to be logical, so I thought, and then there was the side that seemed to automatically believe in Cosby’s guilt. Disturbing. Imagine if I met one of them and then months later came out and said they had done something to me, would there be an immediate thought of guilt then?

Well I have rambled a bit. I know this is a sensitive subject. As I say I am not saying Cosby did or did not do it. I am simply saying I don’t know, I don’t know facts, but God will sort it out since the Law of the Land, which we are supposed to follow according to the Bible did not find him guilty.

Yeah, we all have our opinions of it. Some are mixed, and that is probably the most accurate thing to say here. If not guilty then disgust at what is being done to him, if guilty then disgust at what he did. Torn. that’s the word, torn.

Much Respect





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7 thoughts on “My Sunday Thought: Bill Cosby–Torn between Two Worlds

    • Well I would hope that if one went with me they would expect respect but I think you have those who say they were interested in the careers and he was a nice man. So perhaps it didn’t cross their minds, if all of what they say is true.

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      • You are always such a gentleman. I do think they were interested in promoting their careers. Why did they wait so long to report these incidents? I am not defending his actions either. I am disappointed in all the participants. Once again we cannot judge people’s character on how we think they are and put them on pedestals, when after all they are simply human with the same faults as all of us.

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  1. I agree that going to a hotel with a man, if you are not planning to have sex, is not a wise thing to do but that still does not give any man the right to force a woman to have sex against her will. I’m confused about the whole thing. Too many conflicting stories on both ends. Honestly, I’m with you on this one, Ron––torn. :/


  2. Once again you’ve set something off inside of me. I won’t write an entire post as a comment- as I sometimes do to you!!! I am torn. I don’t like how quick people are to judge and believe the worst. Especially with something like this where we will never know the truth. And I’m sorry, but when someone starts with “This happened 30 years ago and I just couldn’t keep quiet…” the day after someone else said the same thing, I have to wonder- WHY? Okay, sorry, I’m turning it into a post after all. Oops!

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  3. I’d say ‘only Cosby knows.’ And those women. That the judiciary – a common tool of all societies worldwide at that time – in whatever form, hasn’t heard the case is a mockery of justice. It’s not just Bill, but anyone with enough money who can skirt a public hearing. Same in every global society around biblical times (highly likely).
    What freaks me more is that the American public seem incapable of understanding that ‘an actor’ is not the persons he portray.


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