Mad Mad…what was I talking about again? A poem.

Today, Tuesday, October 6th, is Mad Hatter Day, so get your imbecilic nonsense on. I know I did.

Mad Mad…what was I talking about again?

I’m neither here nor there but yonder
smudging the windows of your pains.
Did you know I’ve been seen in seines,
while you stink of Salamander?

Have I seen a girl, much blonder,
than that tailored swift one just there?
Such a question is plain not fair,
I’ll be the hook of her next trill.
But she’ll not catch me standing still
for I’ll pull out my Joyn Mayair.

What was I talking about again poetry image Mad Hatter.


You might have a bit of fun figuring out some of the words and how they’re used in the story of the poem. Some happened by accident when I read back through. And with a little word change here and there, it jelled. I even ventured into the Lord of the Rings stories, but fortunately thought better.

My entry for this week’s Décima Poetry Challenge No. 25 STILL.

© 2020- Ronovan Hester Copyright reserved. The author asserts his moral and legal rights over this work.


Who can I be without my ISP?

Log: Blog *Pot 558
Today I discovered ISP Central is full of idiots intelligent beings. Previous broadcasted message stated all of region with problems. Now being sent a new communication device for computer system. ISP Central stated I did not have IP service while I was in search engine looking for another ISP in region. Unfortunately they have monopoly a wonderful service that means we need no other provider.
Due to last communication, ISP Central has proven they are indeed idiots most intelligent beings. No IP while in the middle of using IP?
Consumed coffee today. Large cup, half coffee, half sugar. It is fortunate ISP Central are idiots intelligent beings and psychic. My lack of ability to force opinions on various subjects at this moment may be wise. The ability to speak with speed has increased by 100 times. Clarity of thought by 1000 times. Ability to sensor has decreased by infinity. Society, politicians, and stupid parenting has been saved by caffeine and sugar overdose. I don’t drink caffeine. It’s been a trip. Locals have had an ear full. Your loss is their misery.
Other than the above, today has been like many other days, but only more and less so. More writing on two different novels. Less blogging about nonsense. Going through withdrawals from missing blog hotties that visit my location. Hove is Hottie central as you all know. Muse about the meaning of that one if you will. Tongue in cheekie I am today. I’ll leave that last sentence as is. I’m feeling playful. Darn it Jim, I’m a Writer not a Priest. Darn it all, I’m a layman, not a pastor. Yeah, going to go with that one too. You’re welcome.
Will update as able to. Haiku Review Communication will be in best form possible. Perhaps not as entertaining as I hope the last one was. Although have not received many LOL communications from victims participants.
Space Ranger Ronovan Out.

Space Ranger RonovanWhat Pirate Captain Rasmus Bergman of the Pirate Tales series of books would look like in black and white and if he was Space Ranger Ronovan.

Communication has been reviewed by Interplanetary Safety Protectorate (ISP) for your protection and modified were deemed appropriate for clarity and fact.

*(Pol-One full Planetary Rotation.)

Mark W.

Random Acts of Rhymeness of a Lost Mind.

I thought people might like to see what I used to do when completely out of my mind and bored. Warning, the following is not good and may be hazardous to your poetry skills for the day. From May, 2014.


Lost Man in Chair


Social Media Random Acts of Rhymeness

My brain fails to stop me sometimes. Here are the ‘poems’ I came up with and tweeted last night.



Peter O’Toole

Never played a Fool

Unless he wore a crown.



There are things we must know

When we know nothing at all

Stand up straight shoulders back

And shut our mouths above all.



Why do you quibble

When the meaning is so far

Buried within us?


Much Respect-Much Love


Ron_LWIRonovan is an author, and blogger who shares his life as an amnesiac and Chronic Pain sufferer though his blog His love of poetry, authors and community through his online world has lead to a growing Weekly Haiku Challenge and the creation of a site dedicated to book reviews, interviews and author resources known as

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The Howl of the Consonant Vowels-The Block of Writers

The Howl of the Consonant Vowels-The Block of Writers

By: Ronovan

 Scrablle Tiles

It is said

If one continues to write each day

That eventually

One will have something to say


Here I am

To put death to that expression

Within these joined letters

You will hear my confession


The timelessness of a consonant vowel

Brings to mind the freakish nighttime mindless howl

Thinking of letters rhymes and reasons

Makes me shiver and sweat regardless of seasons


Look at a page of white blank expanses

They laughingly glare at you in pixelated glances

Write on the thoughts demand of the fingers

Digits deliver a message with meaning of one that lingers


The block it tackles the image to the ground

Blasting voiced anguish of creation in sound

Stomping bipedal movements don’t relieve

Movements of joints doesn’t bring one to conceive


Atmospheric changes dim to a glaring

No doubt these differences is meant for sharing

You pick up a nib to the flat pulp of the earth

Not a single scribbled jot denies you that’s of worth


Give up and don’t waste or delay

There really isn’t all that much you can say

Once the images have flittered away

Just kick back with a pint of ice cream and call it a day


© Copyright-All rights 12, 2014.

Nonsense and Such: Music Scales and Lakes Sub Par-Nonsensical Poetry?

Nonsense and Such: Music Scales and Lakes Sub Par-Nonsensical Poetry?

by: Ronovan

 Hands Glasses

You try to lick depression

But you depress the tongue


While the rise of a music scale is a step

To scale a ladder you climb a rung


You can be stabbed in the back

And take a shot in the arm

Both can occur

Without any harm


If you break your back

You go to a chiropractor for the aching

But then why do they say

Such a one’s work is back breaking


Why is there something

Called A Bridge Too Far

Was the river too short

Was the lake sub par


The thunder roars but has no voice

The mime doesn’t speak but that’s by choice

Perhaps it’s just by my own delusion

But all of these things seem to add to my confusion


You may wonder why my mind wanders so

Well perhaps you don’t really even want to know

But since the question is already out there

It’s because my mind was left…on the hallway stair


© Copyright-All rights 11, 2014.