Who can I be without my ISP?

Log: Blog *Pot 558
Today I discovered ISP Central is full of idiots intelligent beings. Previous broadcasted message stated all of region with problems. Now being sent a new communication device for computer system. ISP Central stated I did not have IP service while I was in search engine looking for another ISP in region. Unfortunately they have monopoly a wonderful service that means we need no other provider.
Due to last communication, ISP Central has proven they are indeed idiots most intelligent beings. No IP while in the middle of using IP?
Consumed coffee today. Large cup, half coffee, half sugar. It is fortunate ISP Central are idiots intelligent beings and psychic. My lack of ability to force opinions on various subjects at this moment may be wise. The ability to speak with speed has increased by 100 times. Clarity of thought by 1000 times. Ability to sensor has decreased by infinity. Society, politicians, and stupid parenting has been saved by caffeine and sugar overdose. I don’t drink caffeine. It’s been a trip. Locals have had an ear full. Your loss is their misery.
Other than the above, today has been like many other days, but only more and less so. More writing on two different novels. Less blogging about nonsense. Going through withdrawals from missing blog hotties that visit my location. Hove is Hottie central as you all know. Muse about the meaning of that one if you will. Tongue in cheekie I am today. I’ll leave that last sentence as is. I’m feeling playful. Darn it Jim, I’m a Writer not a Priest. Darn it all, I’m a layman, not a pastor. Yeah, going to go with that one too. You’re welcome.
Will update as able to. Haiku Review Communication will be in best form possible. Perhaps not as entertaining as I hope the last one was. Although have not received many LOL communications from victims participants.
Space Ranger Ronovan Out.

Space Ranger RonovanWhat Pirate Captain Rasmus Bergman of the Pirate Tales series of books would look like in black and white and if he was Space Ranger Ronovan.

Communication has been reviewed by Interplanetary Safety Protectorate (ISP) for your protection and modified were deemed appropriate for clarity and fact.

*(Pol-One full Planetary Rotation.)

Mark W.


9 thoughts on “Who can I be without my ISP?

  1. Hahaha, I’ve no idea if or how much you have exaggerated your caffeine overload, but I can so painfully relate to it.
    I don’t drink coffee,not because I’m a health freak, it just doesn’t agree with me. However a year or so ago, I was attending our monthly fibromyalgia support group, which happens to meet in a rather nice coffee shop. That day, feeling very unwell, I asked for coffee instead of my usual herb tea. The meeting wasn’t very interesting so to keep myself awake, I took advantage of the free coffee top ups. ( it’s always irritated me that coffee drinkers get free top ups – why don’t tea lovers?) Unfortunately by the time I finished the second cup, I was getting a taste for it! I have no idea how many refills I had, but I certainly began to feel more lively!
    I wasn’t really aware of any problem until I met friends for lunch. I heard myself getting louder & louder , then alternately irritated & excited, it was all very strange.
    All seemed to be going ok, well everyone seemed to be listening to my incredibly interesting conversation, until one friend leaned across & asked if I was becoming unwell ( I have a long history of mental health problems.)
    I was furious! How dare they? They were the miserable ones, not me!
    In order to prevent a scene I got up to stomp out but my legs wouldn’t work & I felt quite shaky. I did a quick double check, no I certainly hadn’t been drinking. Had someone spiked my drink? Although I no longer drink alcohol, I have previously coped with enough hangovers to recognise one!
    Once home the downer came with a wallop! Too agitated to sleep it off, I paced around trying to figure out what was wrong.
    I was on the verge of calling the doctor when I had the lightbulb moment.
    There followed a series of apologetic phone calls & a vow that I would never, ever touch coffee again!
    I still cringe when I think about that day, but it certainly taught me a lesson.

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    • Not sure if it is a fibro thing or not but since I have it and I had the same symptoms as you, other than the legs thing, but then I only had one large cup, maybe there is something to it. 🙂


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