Sexism and discrimination in today’s holiday society.

The world today is filled with sexism and discrimination everywhere you look. No matter the country or the people, there they are, the isms and the nations. I’ve returned to lend my voice once again to champion for all of those who are victims of these awful things.

This past week perhaps millions of heart shaped boxes covered in red, lace, and roses were shared around the world. They said I love you on the lid, but those words were merely a mask for the evil hidden within. Boxes filled with various chocolates injected with flavored cremes, liquors, and even a different texture of chocolate. Valentine’s day is the top candy day of the year and loved by all who love love or simply love the sweet or bitter taste of that miracle of beans found in Mexico. Blast your blood thirsty conquistador heart Hernán Cortés.

I believe all of you should see the obvious direction this is going. Sexism and discrimination are built, literally, in to the products of Valentine’s Day, and specifically those of candy companies.

Valentine's assorted chocolate heart.

I, yes, this poor red-headed-step-child, am a victim of this cheapskate sexist discrimination. Have you ever watched a man with large fingers attempt to remove chocolates from those heart-shaped boxes each year? Once a year I find myself resorting to one of the following methods because candy companies make the chocolates of a size that is so close to the exact size of their particular space that my man-child fingers cannot raise the chocolate up enough to remove. They are made for tiny lady fingers. Hmm. There was a time I would have rambled after having typed lady fingers about biscuits or cookies, but I’ve matured sense then. On with the show. Chocolate removing methods.

  • The Smash or Pinch Method: This requires one to damage the chocolate in such a way that the velvety chocolate covers the fingers, but the candy is now easily removed.
  • The Roll Method: With this one you must constantly run your finger tip from the edge of the candy and over the top in hopes the chocolate with flip on to its side.
  • The Dump It All: This one is obvious, but I’ll explain anyway and note the drawback. You simply flip the box over in a bowl and all the chocolates have found freedom, freedom to my mouth. The drawback? The nice chocolate maps they have in the lids of the boxes are now useless and you now risk biting in to your Valentine’s favorite kind by mistake, although it was bought for you, but we all know how it really works. Chocolates belong to women, even if owned by a man. For single men, never having had a girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, keep the afore mentioned in mind.
  • The Push Up: You raise the tray of chocolates up and push from beneath the one you want so it raises up enough for you to remove it. (Note: This one was provided by a therapist that I discussed this with.)
  • The Toothpick: Just use a toothpick to flip the chocolate over or stick the toothpick into the piece hors d’oeuvres style.

Although one can use any of the methods above, they are not all feasible, depending upon the situation and number of people partaking of the chocolates.

Now you can understand why chocolate companies are cheap, sexist, and discriminatory to us big fingered gents. What would it take to add just a little more space for the chocolate? I’m sorry I don’t have even a pinky finger small enough to fit in that hairline fracture of a space. Nor do I allow my nails to grow to that length, well not intentionally, but they do sometimes when I get lazy and nonattentive to my nail growth grooming.

Have you ever come to the end of a blog post and wondered why you ever started reading it to begin with? Well, I think you answer yes to that question if ever asked again. But blogs are a place to get that itch out of your brain. I’ve been adequately scratched…for now.


I am what I say I am.

Ever been told by people that you mean something you didn’t mean? Perhaps this sounds familiar, “I know what you really meant. Don’t lie to me. You’re all alike.”

I am unique, as is everyone. I would like to speak about something that bugs me in a major way. And if you are honest with yourself you might admit it bugs you as well.

I don’t like my actions or words being judged based on a person’s experience with other people or especially with how they would act in a situation. Some people are scum. Sorry to use that word but it’s more polite than a lot of words that could be used. To think that I would think or intend as they do just because I am of a similar something or other ticks me off.

For example, if I were to say I thought someone had great hair, that doesn’t mean anything other than I think that person has great hair. But in the past I’ve had people tell me that I must be interested in someone for paying a compliment or even noticing someone. Hair usually isn’t the thing. I may like a shirt or shoes. I don’t see a reason you can’t compliment someone on something. I mean perhaps your significant other may not like it but anyone else doesn’t have a reason to even bother.

This carries over to articles and my beliefs. Some people think that because I am a Christian that I must think a certain way. They also think because I am male, white, and live in the South in the USA, I must have certain opinions and if I say something they develop an opinion of it based on those factors.

I’ve learned over the years to observe and that’s it. I say words and those words about a subject should be taken as they sound, not as one thinks they must be intended. I find myself explaining things in my writing to head off these crazy ideas people have.

Trust me, as a person of the various criteria above I have become accustomed to heading things off. But it’s also helped me take what other people do at face value. I get the discrimination people get because of factors. Surprised that I could be discriminated against? Surprised I would dare even use that word?

Every person can be discriminated against for something. Some people think Christians aren’t discriminated against. Try being a teacher these days and be openly Christian. Read a Bible during your lunch time and you get punished. It’s my lunch time. Go talk to the football coach watching porn on his school computer. Oh, sorry, his team makes money for the school. My bad.

You may think my article is negative and be surprised considering my blog is focusing on positivity, but it’s not negative. It’s about being who you are, and for other people to treat you for who you are not what they think you are. Don’t think you do the discrimination thing or judging thing? Ever said to someone about your friend, “Don’t take it seriously, he’s just a guy. You know how they get sometimes,”?

Much Love, Success, and Respect

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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly… of being Attractive

Earlier this week an article went up on insidethelifeofmoi, Amanda Lyle’s blog. I reblogged it here, but I know reblogs don’t work that great.


So why am I mentioning it?


I am the co-author of this article that took us a lot of thought to put together. People look at the title and think there can’t be anything Bad or Ugly about being Attractive and see no point in reading it. Or perhaps they think because it is has too many words.

It has that many words because we gave each point thought and went into it, not in a scientific manner but in a way that we all can understand. Those reading it have actually been surprised at how it made them think more about the situation.


I would appreciate you reading it. Do I ask that you click ‘like’? Not unless you like it. But I would like it to be read by my friends. There is humor in the reality of some of it and the sadness of it as well. So click below and see what it’s about. And no, I did not pose for the picture. We thought mine was too sexy.


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly… of being Attractive


Much Respect




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