I am what I say I am.

Ever been told by people that you mean something you didn’t mean? Perhaps this sounds familiar, “I know what you really meant. Don’t lie to me. You’re all alike.”

I am unique, as is everyone. I would like to speak about something that bugs me in a major way. And if you are honest with yourself you might admit it bugs you as well.

I don’t like my actions or words being judged based on a person’s experience with other people or especially with how they would act in a situation. Some people are scum. Sorry to use that word but it’s more polite than a lot of words that could be used. To think that I would think or intend as they do just because I am of a similar something or other ticks me off.

For example, if I were to say I thought someone had great hair, that doesn’t mean anything other than I think that person has great hair. But in the past I’ve had people tell me that I must be interested in someone for paying a compliment or even noticing someone. Hair usually isn’t the thing. I may like a shirt or shoes. I don’t see a reason you can’t compliment someone on something. I mean perhaps your significant other may not like it but anyone else doesn’t have a reason to even bother.

This carries over to articles and my beliefs. Some people think that because I am a Christian that I must think a certain way. They also think because I am male, white, and live in the South in the USA, I must have certain opinions and if I say something they develop an opinion of it based on those factors.

I’ve learned over the years to observe and that’s it. I say words and those words about a subject should be taken as they sound, not as one thinks they must be intended. I find myself explaining things in my writing to head off these crazy ideas people have.

Trust me, as a person of the various criteria above I have become accustomed to heading things off. But it’s also helped me take what other people do at face value. I get the discrimination people get because of factors. Surprised that I could be discriminated against? Surprised I would dare even use that word?

Every person can be discriminated against for something. Some people think Christians aren’t discriminated against. Try being a teacher these days and be openly Christian. Read a Bible during your lunch time and you get punished. It’s my lunch time. Go talk to the football coach watching porn on his school computer. Oh, sorry, his team makes money for the school. My bad.

You may think my article is negative and be surprised considering my blog is focusing on positivity, but it’s not negative. It’s about being who you are, and for other people to treat you for who you are not what they think you are. Don’t think you do the discrimination thing or judging thing? Ever said to someone about your friend, “Don’t take it seriously, he’s just a guy. You know how they get sometimes,”?

Much Love, Success, and Respect

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4 thoughts on “I am what I say I am.

  1. Having many of the characteristics myself you mentioned I, too, can attest to the fact that both discrimination and stereotyping happen to more folks than are commonly thought about when those words are used. And I agree: this isn’t a negative article at all; it’s honest.

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  2. I realized early on that compliments are free and when given they perk up the person you compliment. I like to make people feel good so I give compliments freely! You keep on giving them.

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  3. In the time I have known you and read your posts, both here & on LIT WORLD INTERVIEWS, I have come to respect and admire you and to TAKE YOU AS YOU ARE – – – a Christian, a devoted Father and a great, intelligent Wordsmith! GREAT POST, THANK YOU, RON.

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