Blogging Mental Health: Phobias, Disorders, Anxieties

Phobias, Disorders, Anxieties. You know we all have one of these. And actually the labels can often be interchangeable so don’t judge a phobia by its disorder, you’ll just cause anxiety.

I am very prolific in my blogging. I write an article or poem a day except on Saturdays, and sometimes even then. So it seems that I have a problem that people don’t understand. It’s become worse over time since I began blogging.

And when I mention it, well the subject, people’s responses just make it worse because they don’t get it. It goes back to my concussion a couple of years ago.

Before that I was a very engaging person. Never met a stranger. Could have a conversation with anyone. But since then, and the retrograde amnesia, things changed. You know I kind of get afraid of things. And I became so isolated because of not only the amnesia but the light and sound sensitivity, and the migraines, that people actually became a problem.

I am now at the point I don’t go to stores any longer. I very rarely step outside the house at all. I’m okay with the no people in person thing though. I mean, I like being alone now.

My communicating with the world is through my articles. And unless you are a super close person to me, I don’t even talk in emails.

That brings me to the problem. And it’s kind of sad I even have to mention it, but I’m going to anyway so people will understand people like me, and not judge us.

When people comment on blogs, well some of them almost demand a response. I have a fear or responding. Don’t ask me why or what it is, but if you ever see a response it has taken a lot for me to get up to the point to do it. I have almost been to the point of removing the comment option from the blog. But people have met through my comments and helped each other.

I’ve mentioned comments before in articles and the responses have made it worse. People pride themselves in responding to every comment on their blogs. They brag about it in the comments. Some actually do genuine responses, but there are also those who do fake responses. If you’ve been blogging long enough you know what I mean. I personally am not going to do fake responses just to make my blog grow. That’s not me.

When I first began blogging I was able to make myself respond, but things have gotten worse as time has passed. I want people to know they can blog however they like and grow a blog. It’s your content that matters. If you have something people find worthwhile, that’s all that matters.

Don’t let other bloggers who say you must respond to every comment in order to be a good blogger, a successful blogger, force you to do anything. If you are like me and feel physically ill sometimes at the idea of having to respond to a comment, learn to not worry about it. I do it at times because a comment really requires a response, or I am having a good moment.

Is it a Social Anxiety issue? Maybe. Is it some kind of phobia about people? Maybe. Sounds like they are both the same to me.

If you read my blog and you comment and I don’t respond, don’t take it as I am not reading your comment or that I am not appreciating it. Sometimes I will click like on the comments to show I read them and appreciate them. Some people are Blog Nazis and don’t think that’s good enough. Whatever.

I’m good with what I can do. You be good with what you can do. Don’t judge. This is my outlet. This is how I talk to the world. And this is the last time I am going to talk about comments on this blog. I’m tired of it. Almost as tired as I am of people complaining about me not replying to comments.

Much Love, Success, and Respect

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16 thoughts on “Blogging Mental Health: Phobias, Disorders, Anxieties

  1. Okay I’m gonna leave a comment and a long one, cause probably I’m assuming that if you should ever check your stats that my name would probably be on top of your top five commenters. I comment here a lot. So much in fact that I’ve had comments on my blog of people saying that they feel they know me cause of my comments here. I don’t know if it is a good or a bad thing.

    Personally I try to respond to everyone who comments on my blog. Sometimes those responses are forced. I get the antisocial thing. I’ve been blogging less lately because I simply don’t want to interact with people. I don’t talk to people. Apart from my husband, my sister is probably my closed friend. I mean she lives in another country but still. You’d think that with What’s App or all the other technology that I at least pass some form of communication to her on regular basis. I don’t. The other day she called to find out whats going on cause she has not heard from me in three months.

    So, you have mentioned the comment thing a few times. I know you read them because I see your responses in a future post. And I for one really do appreciate that. Its like oh, he wrote an entire post just for me! Or that paragraph … or so.

    So while I’m in danger of abducting your blog here with this very lengthily comment which could be turned into a post, just one last thought on my commenting here and elsewhere. Sometimes I just want to leave a note of encouragement. Those of us who encourage others are often in need of encouragement ourselves.

    Your blog is the bomb (not literally) . It is one I love reading and look forward to reading every day. I would be very upset if you were ever discouraged and quit. So for my own selfish reasons of wanting you to keep on blogging I try to leave encouraging comments ever so often.

    End of very long comment. No like or response necessary.

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  2. I get it. I have to screw up my courage to make a phone call or go to a party/dinner/torture. It’s your blog. Do what you want. I’m reading you regardless 🙂
    NRN ( that’s probably not a real acronym, but I hope it makes you smile)


  3. Yikes! People actually have the nerve to criticize if you comment or not and what you say? Comments give me a fair share of anxiety- just like interactions in person do.

    Reading your blog and knowing what you have shared, I guess I’m on your wavelength because if I get a “like” from you, I’m happy, I get your message and that’s it. I don’t check to see if you commented, too. I know you’re out there and that’s good enough for me. Actually, I am happy with all my likes. There are many times when I like things and don’t comment. I don’t want to force a comment- because I’m afraid it will sound fake and FORCED. If I like someone’s post and don’t comment, the odds are overwhelming great that if the person was to say these things to me in person, I would smile and nod but probably not say a lot. That’s me.

    I think it’s important to be respectful of every blogger and keep in mind that not every one is looking to add to their numbers, or worries about reciprocal comments or whatever.

    Anyway, I’m over here in my house nodding my head in agreement. 🙂 And I hope you know- or maybe you don’t because I never told you??? – but when Wednesday rolls around (it actually begins on Tuesday afternoon), you and BeWoW are on my mind, even if I’m not able to post that week. Thank you!!!!! 🙂


  4. I feel what you wrote is my own world. Likes are cool. I dread comments, yet sometimes I enjoy them. Less afraid to respond. Understand clicking Like. That is what I Like are Likes. So Like Is Enough. You are too generous already. Enough giving is enough, if you think it is. jk 🙂


  5. Hi Ronan,

    It’s taken me about 40 years to not care what others think about me. So I understand where you’re coming from. I’ve only had 2 instances where someone hounded me about a reply. Luckily, those 2 people were very aggressive and kind of floated away from my blog. It’s fine with me. I don’t need aggravation online. I get enough of it in real life.
    Anyway, I really enjoy your blog. It’s the first one I looked for when I returned from my vacation because your posts resonate with me. No need to reply – I get you. Have a wonderful Saturday.
    MJ 🙂

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  6. I am still petrified of conments and worry that I sound forced or over the top. I know how much effort it can be. You tell us what you want to say in your posts. Any responses to comments are a bonus. Thanks for your refreshing honesty. ☺

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  7. I like to comment sometimes but don’t feel that I need to every single time. I’m so glad that your blog has given you an outlet, a way to converse with the outside world. That’s what’s so wonderful about blogging. If you can take the time to read and like a post that is enough, as far as I can see you do so much for the blogging community and shouldn’t beat yourself up about what you don’t do. It’s more important to be genuine, and you come across as 100% genuine not a faker, that’s what counts.

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