Connecting Twitter to your Blog to Publicize your Blog articles.

You’re scared to death of Twitter. IT FREAKS YOU OUT! No worries. You don’t really have to be there to use it. Just have an account and let WordPress do the work for you. Here’s how to connect Twitter and WordPress together.

Don' Freak Out Meme

Automatically Sending your new Blogs to Twitter

By: Ronovan


Be logged into Twitter.

Go to your Dashboard in your blog

At the bottom you will find Settings, hover over this and a box will appear, click Sharing in that box.


If you click Settings a box of options appears below it and you can choose Sharing there.


You will see various social networks to link to. Choose any you like. For now click connect beside Twitter. Then accept it asking you to connect.


Difficult, huh?

Easy Button

Now whenever a blog of yours posts it will go to Twitter as well, or should, it is technology after all.


Bonus Tip

You’ll notice in the Add New Post section, where I am typing this now, that on the right side where you have the Publish button there is a Publicized: Edit Settings  option. If you click Edit you can customize the message that will appear with your Twitter announcement of your blog post. I sometimes put in the hashtags I want to use, you know the #Blogs or #Photography things you see sometimes. You don’t have to go to Twitter to do anything.


Also when you click Edit you can uncheck any of your authorized connections you don’t want the article to Publicize to. Like I don’t always want mine to go to facebook.


But that’s how simple it is.

Buh Bye Kitten




© Copyright-All rights 03, 2014.

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