Make me WANT your Blog

What can your Blog give me that no one else can? Why should I read something from you instead of someone else? Make me stay on your site and keep coming back for more. How can you do that? How can you MAKE me want to come back for more? So what I am really asking from you?


Make me WANT your Blog

by: Ronovan


I know a lot of bloggers who, especially of late, are finding it difficult to keep creating things to write about. They cannot come up with a new fiction story, a new poem, a new 10 Things list, or a new How To list. How many sites do you know that have those types of things?


I’ll go out to a movie while you count, and maybe a bite to eat as well.

E.T. Movie Poster
Sniff, sniff . . . Ellllliiiiiooooot.


Oh, um . . . hi.

Yeah, I’m back, you can finish the counting later.

I have some friends who do the slice of life and list blogs very well and I love them. But they can take their toll on you. Just take a look at them and there is more than just a story about what happened. They tell a story and the good ones go through creating a lot of images to go along with it to make it that much more fun for you. All that can equal to . . .

Burnout signYou’ll likely see that as my header photo for my blog someday . . . soon.

There are others who just are getting to the point of their blogs are not going in the direction they want them to. They want to continue but they are lost somehow.

Then for some reason they will publish something about where they are from. It might be personal memories, opinions, or photographs. Their voice in the writing is completely different. It’s personal. And that is when they draw me in completely. Even if you are from the city next to mine, I still want to see what you see and learn about how you see things.

Lady teacher in front of map.

I want to learn.


We have an opportunity through our blogs to connect to people around the world and turn eacMilitary Helicopter over Pakistanh country into a place with human beings in it and not just a news broadcast of something bad happening or where a politician, sporting event, or celebrity happens to be. The news turns the place into the event.

The event has nothing to do with the people.

Two boys in lake Pakistan.



Mix your blog up a little with a bit about your country. I know I don’t do it, but I am so busy putting poetry and tips out that I rarely have time to even think about anything else. But I have done a couple of articles about Southern Culture. And I plan to do a little more.


I think some of my writing tells a bit about where I live through my life. I tend to explore deep feelings and emotions in my writing, not intentionally, but it happens. I know not everyone will do that. Use your photography and your experiences and tell us the story of how your country, your city, your culture really is.


© Copyright-All rights 03, 2014.

17 thoughts on “Make me WANT your Blog

  1. I mix it up all the time – scatterbrained blog it feels like. I have travel, Irish Dance, an exchange student, two invisible illnesses & the problems that go with them, getting healthy, active & crazy life. Yes I have a mix


    • That sounds good to me. 🙂 Well, not the two invisible illnesses, but you make your blog personal and that’s what some people want to see. 🙂


  2. Hi Ron, watch my space – you will want to read it, it will soon be the bestest blog in all the land. Er… just not next week, but thereafter. 😉 – I gave my readers a little taste this week in what direction I’m going with it.


  3. My blog’s mainly geared towards fiction and books, and up until now I’ve been more reluctant to do overly personal posts. But I see where you’re coming from – it’s always nice to visit a blog and experience something unique because the blogger is writing about something no one else could possibly share. That’s harder to achieve with fiction and book reviews than it is with personal posts about life and the world.


    • I just looked at some of your articles and you are giving them that personal touch. You’re giving them what you think of the books and by giving your personal thoughts on the books you give them what they want. You give them a piece of what makes you you. 🙂

      I see your offerings in my reader one at a time but when looking at your site together I see the you that is there. I like it. 🙂


  4. I always try to say something meaningful while teaching something new at the same time. I do the same thing when I teach, I try to relate it to real life, practical uses while adding advice and my personal experiences.

    I like the way you wrote this!


    • Thank you very much. I don’t know if its the teacher in me or what but I like to learn things and share what I learn. You know they really don’t teach you that in the education classes in college, it is really something you just have inside of you I think. But hey, I still have my certification just in case some day I can make it back to the point of being in a classroom, until my blog is my classroom of sorts.
      Much Respect


  5. That’s a great point, and it’s something I do. You attract a greater number of followers that way, because you’re appealing to a wider audience and bringing them to your site, where they’ll see (and hopefully be interested in) your other posts. We all have diverse interests.


    • I get the slow downs sometimes. Then I get the ‘I can’t type fast enough’ times. 😀 I waited so long because I didn’t even really know about church until my 20s. I found it on my own. Well, I was led there. He was calling.


  6. Wow, you must have been reading my mind! I was feeling very blah about my main blog. I had all these ideas, but no inspiration to write them down. So I’ve redesigned my old short stories blog, changed the name and the WP theme and now I’ve decided to make that my main blog. I’ve set myself posting goals and so far so good! I feel more confident about this blog, too.


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