This America

You say you hate it,

This America,

Gives you that freedom.Bataab Death March

 This America

for: The US. Soldiers




© Copyright-All rights 03, 2014.


6 thoughts on “This America

  1. Hi Ronovan, I like the sentiment of this poem. What I read here is that you’re grateful for what you have, which I am too in terms of Australia. I wonder, though, what your thoughts are in terms of the wars our soldiers find themselves. We have a holiday in Australia called ANZAC day, and one of the main purposes is to pay respect for fallen soldiers. I often feel discomfort on this day though, first because for some people it seems to glorify war, and second because I’m not convinced we should have participated in each of the wars we’ve fought..

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    • We have Memorial Day here in the states for the same reason. And Vietnam is a prime example of one war we don’t all agree on, and even Iraq is a big one as well. I’ve never thought of it as glorifying war just honoring those who died to keep my country free. Vietnam was the result of an agreement made in the 50s and Iraq, well it was what it was. But those men that died in each still did it serving their country, fulfilling a responsibility they signed up for that I never did. That’s how I look at it.


      • Thanks Ronovan. I think we’re on the same page. The four lines of your poem though bring up a lot of thoughts and questions. It makes me wonder too about the line between nationalism and democratic discussion, reflection and self-analysis. I think you might’ve inspired me for a piece on my own blog! Cheers 🙂

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