Freedom to be free.

Do you know how to lead a fearless life? Fear means you have a problem with the end results of something that is going on. One thing that most people fear the most is death. They may not realize it but they do.

I don’t fear death. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to die and if someone was aiming a gun between my eyes I would be wetting myself so much Georgia would be the new location of the Great Lakes.

No, I mean I am not afraid of the results of that final destination. If I die, I’m not afraid of being dead. A lot of people will tell you that they are just going to be worm food so why be afraid. That’s what they say. Have a conversation with a great many of those people and you’ll find the story is different.

I’m not afraid because of the whole Christian thing. You see, Jesus on the cross, resurrection, ascension and all of that gives a chance at freedom. People wonder what it means by freedom when it comes to Christianity. The freedom we have is that death has no hold over us because we know where and who we belong to.

If I hadn’t accepted Jesus as my Savior, my Lord then I would fear the torture I would have to face for all the sins I’ve committed.  Instead, I try my best to do my best and will be judged and given a few less gifts in Heaven than I had to begin with. Each time I sin, I get a gift taken away. My idea is, put me at the back of Heaven against the wall and I’ll take it.

Before Jesus, before accepting him, I lived under the control of sin, and what that sin would do to me in the end. Some people don’t believe in sin. They think it’s just a point of view as to what is good and what is bad. I could give some examples and see what you say, but I’m not that sick of a person and some people are sick enough to disagree just to be jerks about it.

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. Galatians 5:1

What this verse is telling us is this, don’t let the things of this world control you. Alcohol, porn, any other vices, illegal activities, all of it, don’t let any of it be something you think you have to do. What control does it have on you? You’ll die without it? What are you doing with it? Are you truly living with it? You’re afraid or feeling ill with it. Let it go. Be free.

You will slowly begin to feel better. Will your life be better? Maybe not. No one can promise that. However, you will be a better person.

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Your thoughts are your own.

Ever had someone say “Depending on your opinion I would have to ask what you’re thinking?”

I have and my response has been silence in the past because I just don’t care enough about the person’s thoughts on what I think, but now I decided to share my opinion about what I’m thinking.

If I or you have an opinion, it really isn’t up to someone else to question it. The only time that even becomes a thing is if you are in a debate. Sorry, but my life isn’t a debate with anyone. You ask, I give, you receive. That’s pretty much it.

I give in a gentle manner. At least to start with. I haven’t really “gone off” on someone, as they say. Or at least not in the traditional sense of the word.

Last week I gave two prompt words in my Haiku Challenge, Free and Think. You are free to think whatever you like. If we had thought police we would all be in jail. We all think some pretty whacked out stuff.

Could you imagine there being “Hate Thought Laws”? I mean think about it. “Man, I really think the president sucks.” The next thing you know you have someone in dark glasses and a suit at your door.

It’s not the thoughts that matter. It’s what you do with them. I may not like someone, but as long as I don’t do anything to them or speak in a too harsh manner then I’m good. I may say I don’t like someone. I don’t have to say why. But if I don’t and that person is of a different ancestral background than I am, can you guess what people will say?

Even if I say “I don’t like the guy because he’s a jerk,” people are still going to think what they want to. For example, I am not a big Obama fan, okay, I’m not an Obama fan at all. I’m from the South, I’m a white skinned male in his 40s. Guess what people will say my reason for not liking Obama will be.

Of course people would be wrong. But you know what? They have a right to think what they want to. Thinking is good. I get a lot of problems solved that way, a lot of issues with people sorted out that way. Thinking through things and even having an argument with someone in your head will save a lot of trouble with people.

Most of the time when I do that I end up realizing how silly something was to begin with. It’s a coping or therapy really.

Thinking is good. Policing my thoughts isn’t. Keep your filthy paws off my private thoughts. (Okay, so the Grease homage there didn’t work out quite right but I tried.)

Much Love, Success, and Respect

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The greatest opportunity. (A Haiku)

Freely give yourself

A great opportunity

Is in your own mind.


Freely give yourself a great opportunity.

A great opportunity is in your own mind.

Much Love, Success, and Respect


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Haiku – Temple

TJ Paris is first in this week with a great Haiku as well as his usual great photography on display.

Life is too short to drink bad wine

A breeze blew through the gates of this temple and played with the silken flags. I am not sure If I was supposed to be there but it was too picturesque not to take a photo. A breeze blew through the gates of this temple and played with the silken flags. I am not sure if I was supposed to be there but it was too picturesque not to take a photo.

 Fill your mind’s temple

With thoughts of a joyful world

Where the heart runs free

Ronovan writes promts this week are free and think. A lovely pairing indeed!

Thanks to Ronovan for his ongoing inspiration and also for the time and effort that he puts into the challenge. Thanks also for the wonderful and inspiring Haikuists out there who show what can be done with this deceptively simple form.

I have made a compilation of some of the Haiku I have written as part of “TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge” below if you would like to read some more haiku based on prompts from household objects. You can find this week’s prompt by clicking HERE .

Some past…

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My Lips, Your Curves. A Haiku.

sensual poetry

Freedom for me is

My lips and your every curve,

Bring the greatest joy.

Ronovan Writes






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Try to take my joy.


Try to take my joy,

You will fail every attempt,

To deny freedom.

Ronovan Writes






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#BloggersForRaifBadawi #BloggersForFreedom begins now.

I don’t know how to start a Hashtag Trend. But I am going to start a Hashtag or two and see what happens. I am really upset about the cruel treatment of the Saudi Arabian blogger Raif Badawi. I wrote about in my Sunday Thought, 50 Lashes Against Freedom. Read it and see. I am too angry to write coherently right now about it again. Links to what is going on to him are there as well.

The hashtags I want to use are #BloggersForRaifBadawi and #BloggersForFreedom I don’t know if either will catch on but I am going to begin using them every day in some way. Join me if you like. You don’t have to but this is the only way I knew to really let people know what I want to do. Seriously, you do not have to join in and I will not think any less of any of my friends for not doing it. It’s just something I feel convicted to do.

bloggers for raif badawi




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My Sunday Thought: Freedom . . . but from what?

It’s a rough Sunday morning today. The old body is not cooperating. Got one of them flares going today, well the past few it I am to be honest. I wasn’t going to do my Sunday Thought today but I needed a bit of the Word.

I was hoping God would say something like, “I shall taketh your paineth awayeth righteth noweth.” You know someday I’ll know what his voice really sounds like, as in the actual sound of it. I see his ‘voice’ all around me at work, so to speak.

So what verses did I get today from the websites I like to use to give me a bit of variety to my Bible studies?

“Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.-2 Corinthians 3:17

At first, if you don’t really read much of the Bible it doesn’t say much to you, but for me it did . . . after a moment. For me the Spirit is inside of me. The Spirit sets us free from a  lot of things.

This brings to mind the  saying “The Truth shall set you free.” The origin of that is Jesus talking about his being the Truth and those who know him and follow him will be set free. Free of what? Free of the consequences of all we’ve done here on earth when we pass on. Oh sure, we won’t get everything we could have in Heaven, all the rewards set aside for us, but as long as I get there, I’m good.

Maybe a better explanation is that we are free from being under the rule of sin. See, I’m not under that rule any longer. Sure, I will have to answer for things but as Mark Lowry said it “Sure Beats Hell”.

So what does that verse do for me in the middle of a Fribromyalgia Flare? It lets me know that eventually I’ll have a healthy and pain free existence down the line.

Along with this verse I received;

“And he has given us this command: Anyone who loves God must also love their brother and sister.”-1 John 4:21

When you have the Spirit inside of you and you have Jesus, and I mean for real, not just saying you’re a Christian, trust me there are a lot of Play-Christians out there, but when you are for real, then realize it’s easy to love your brother and sister. This doesn’t just mean your relatives. And by loving people it sure does take a lot of that pain of hating off of your body, your heart. The stress of hanging onto that grudge or that whatever goes away.

This even reminds me of something I wrote about where a celebrity said a few things recently about a, well I’ll call us civilians, but anyway, if the celebrity just took a step back then it would have been realized there was no reason for the reaction.

That Spirit frees you up from a lot of things, but you have to be active with it. Don’t just think because you walked an aisle or whatever to get saved one Sunday means you are automatically changed into a better person than you were. It’s the first step.

I was saved for a long time before I think I could really call myself a Christian. Things changed for me after that. Not everything, I still messed up because I was a dumb human. Still am one actually. Still mess up actually. But I at least am aware of what my mess ups are.

Do any of these verses take my pain away or cure me? No. But studying the Word does make one feel better about where we are and the future. You see, I know things may look bad, and I try to help and do the best I can while I am here, but I know that down the line I will be just fine. After all  I’m a foreigner here in this land. My home is another place.

Well that’s about it for me today. I know it was a bit disjointed today, but I’m good with it.

Much Respect


ron_full_river - cropped

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Romans 1:16


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This America

You say you hate it,

This America,

Gives you that freedom.Bataab Death March

 This America

for: The US. Soldiers




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Finding Freedom

Finding Freedom

by: Ronovan

Think about a person you hate. It doesn’t have to be someone you personally know. Seriously think about that person. Now think of the sucking of emotional energy from your body the mere name of that person does to you.

It’s similar to that feeling of falling in love in high school or even now really, and aching for the person and then it not happening. You feel like you have the flu you are so drained. Every part of you aches and you have no energy left.

Losing your mind of memories takes that away. As to how I know about how it feels . . . I’ve been writing for 20 years. I have a lot of notes and novels to look back through on that draining feeling. And . . . well . . . I go through it every day. Not the hate part though.

There is a blessing in having a Lost Mind…you have Lost Hate. I literally hate no one.

After losing my mind of memories a great many things became clear to me. I know that sounds a bit odd but having a mind clear of preconceived ideas was and still is something . . . liberating. Just think for a moment of that person from earlier. Do you have it yet . . . that feeling inside?

Now . . . imagine that name has no meaning to you. Imagine there is no emotional history attached to it.

The sad part is that I am reminded of what people are to me, or what they have done to me in the past. That information doesn’t go in my notebook. You may remember that I have a notebook where all the important memories go. I leave out the bad things and immediately begin to think of something else as soon as I can . . . kittens, puppies, hula dancers.

When you lose something you often think negatively. For me the initial loss was negative but even out of something that bad has come something good. I lost my memories but I found a freedom few people will ever be able to find. I found the freedom to live each day knowing people as they are and not how I think they should be.


Much Respect


No Apologies Guilty Pleasure: Flowing my Emotions

There was a writing prompt on the Daily Post about, “What’s the one guilty pleasure you have that’s so good, you no longer feel guilty about it?”. It took a while because I don’t really have a lot of things I indulge in. My life is pretty simple in what I like and focus on.


But it occurred to me that there is one thing and that is letting my emotions and feelings flow in words. For a time I felt uncomfortable about what I was putting on the page because of what people might think, but in reality people think everything but just don’t like to acknowledge it. But I’ve come to embrace it. Those feelings and emotions make life out of life.


As a writer I think that I turned a corner when I embraced that guilty pleasure. Perhaps I am not a money making machine, but I am a satisfied word artist who when letting my mind and heart write together can turn a phrase that I never would have considered in the past.


In any form of writing the reader needs to feel your investment in the piece. I may obscure meaning when I write a poem or hide myself within a character but I know what is there and sometimes a person just clicks with it and they just say, “Yeah, that’s me.” I no longer use the word guilty with my emotional pleasures. They fuel my creativity.

Thank you to Active Army Wife for reminding me of the prompt as I read her guilty pleasure.c