Blogging Personality: The Key to Success.

blogging-personalityThere is something that I believe has been overlooked in the Blogger Community. The Blogger Personality. What key role does Personality play in the success of a blog? We’ll get to that shortly.

I want to mention a few Blogs I see as Successful. Before I do, do not confuse large numbers of Followers with success. Once you do that you head down a path that leads to a never to be satisfying Blog World experience.


  • People Follow you Hoping you will Follow them.
  • People stop reading your work and just don’t stop Following you.
  • People aren’t really part of your Blog World except for a number.
  • If numbers and not activity are your idea of success, then be prepared for some anxiety.

Let’s then define Blog Success. I see Blog Success as a Blog that;

  • Keeps its Readers coming back for more.
  • Keeps its Readers entertained.
  • Keeps its Readers engaged.

Notice the the three common words, ‘Keeps Its Reader’.

You may have 10,000 Followers but only 50 actually show up or even engage in your Blog. 50 is a good number to have show up daily, but if you look at the percentage of the Followers, something isn’t being Successful.

SuzieThe Matter-of-Fact personality: Suzie of Suzie81Speaks has this personality in her Blog. She combines it with just enough humor to make it all work together. Suzie was one of my earliest friends in Blog World. She may very well be the longest surviving one. Having been one of my first interviews ever I learned that what you see is what she is. 

The Humble-and-Helpful personality: Chris Graham the Story chris_the_story_reading_ape.jpgReading Ape. One click to his Blog and you know there is not a single thing about his blog that is about him. The Blog is devoted to helping others with their careers. Having interviewed Chris I can tell you the Blog Personality you see is the Life Personality he is.

Jo Robinson (2)The Devoted-to-Their-Craft personality: Jo Robinson of Africolonial Stories/Jo Robinson, or at least that’s how I am spelling it today, is an Author who does something many Authors might not do. She shares her space with other Author Bloggers. When you go to her Blog you may not see a personally written piece from her for several Posts. That’s Jo. Yes, I’ve interviewed Jo and worked with Jo and that’s Jo.

The Caring-for-Their-Friends-and-Fun-Loving personality:  Anyone Hugh Loadedhaving visited and or had interactions with Hugh Roberts of Hugh’s Views & News knows he is the epitome of this personality. Hugh has been interviewed by me and works with me as well. He’s for real.

I used examples of people I know personally to show you the genuine personalities it takes to have success. People can take on a personality for a Blog but eventually it breaks down. You will see the cracks form and you will leave that blog.

There are many other personalities and names I could have mentioned. No one was excluded to be slighted. Perhaps I will do further Blog Personalities in the future.

Each personality is different and neither of the four could do a Blog like the other. Chris and Jo are similar in their author support but then selection of Posts and writing of Posts are different. The backbone of purpose is different. You would need to read of them in order to understand.

For every Extroverted personality there are at least 100 Introverted ones. Often times those Introverts overcome their shyness in order to Reply to Comments or more often click Like on a Post of a friend.

For the Introverted Blogger the mere process of Blogging itself is a huge accomplishment. Sharing held in thoughts and creations with the world is something very therapeutic and very scary at the same time. Exposing rawness with the world with the possibility of harsh or cruel feedback is a chest tightening moment as the Introvert clicks Publish.

I appear to be an Extrovert in many ways but really I’m an Introvert in the biggest possible way you can imagine. But why should that have anything to do with how a Blog, my Blog operates? Or how should it influence what my Blog is?

I’ve written a great deal about how interaction with Readers is essential to Blog success. Well, I am not a big interactions person. I was at one point but in truth it was something I seriously had to push myself to do. That is one reason I don’t expect every Blogger to be the same.

Let’s look at Commenting and Replying. This is a huge area of possible disconnect and either a win or lose with a reader. If you reply to a comment and make it personal then there is a connection, maybe. If you don’t reply then you may not have that reader return. Some people almost insist on a reply to their comment.

Unfortunately I personally am not that great at replying these days. Does that make me a bad blogger or mean I am unappreciative? Does that make you that way?

For some that would be a yes. Various Bloggers have an opinion on the matter and are willing to share it, quite loudly. “If you don’t reply or comment then you suck as a blogger and don’t deserve Followers.”

In that case, “Hello, my name is Suck, you may unFollow me now.”

However, I believe my Reader Friends know me. My personality comes through in the Content, the Writing on my Blog. Part of that personality is one that deals with very deep emotional feelings. I share that in all its rawness in my poetry and even in commentary of letters I write.

Those who appreciate what I have done know how much that takes out of a person. They aren’t just words put out there. There are poems I have written where I agonize through every word and am a wreck for days following.

I would like to Reply to Comments on poems like that but sometimes I am not sure how and am not mentally able to. A ‘Thank you’ is sometimes all I manage, but I am not certain if that is enough considering what some people write. I click Like on their Comment to at least show I have read and appreciate what they have said.

For me when I see someone’s heart and soul laid bare for all to see, I appreciate it. I understand what they have done. I don’t do it myself in order to have people Comment. I want them to enjoy it,yes, take something from it, yes, but I am not demanding a Comment. Nor do I expect a demand of a Reply. My wish is for them to return another time and see what else I have to share with them.

What makes a Blog a success is what a Blogger puts into their Blog. You can use all the technical aspects to bring more people TO your Blog but it’s YOUR PERSONALITY through your words in what you write that keeps them coming back.

For more about the Blog World, I would recommend reading How to Survive the Blog Life.


Ronovan Writes


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Try to take my joy.


Try to take my joy,

You will fail every attempt,

To deny freedom.

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Write a Leader for Freedom. #BloggersForFreedom

I wrote in My Sunday Thoughts about Raif Badawi, a Saudi Arabian blogger who was sentenced to 10 years in prison and 1,000 lashes, 50 each week for 20 weeks, plus about US $266,631.

50 of those lashes were just given in a public square after people had finished their prayer time. It was an example being set, Talk about us and we don’t like it and we’ll imprison you and beat you.

His wife was forced into a divorce and was able to leave the country with their three children, so are free in Canada now.

I also wrote a post about doing a hashtag campaign using #BloggersForRaifBadawi and #BloggersForFreedom.

Not much response to that, but it’s only been a short time. It may go somewhere.

The U.S. State Department posted this on January 8. There site is here.

“We are greatly concerned by reports that human rights activist Raif Badawi will start facing the inhumane punishment of a 1,000 lashes, in addition to serving a 10-year sentence in prison for exercising his rights to freedom of expression and religion. The United States Government calls on Saudi authorities to cancel this brutal punishment and to review Badawi’s case and sentence. The United States strongly opposes laws, including apostasy laws, that restrict the exercise of these freedoms, and urges all countries to uphold these rights in practice.”

The lashings took place. I wonder what the U.S. government will do now.

Amnesty International has been involved as well. Article here.

“The decision to sentence Raif Badawi to 10 years in prison and 1,000 lashes is outrageous. He is a prisoner of conscience who is guilty of nothing more than daring to create a public forum for discussion and peacefully exercising the right to freedom of expression. The authorities must overturn his conviction and release him immediately and unconditionally,” said Philip Luther, Director of the Middle East and North Africa Programme at Amnesty International. ~From the article at

I thought these Tweets from UN Watch were telling:

UN Human Rights Council Whips ManUN Human Rights Council BlindBut if a political machine doesn’t think it will lose votes by doing nothing, then guess what it won’t do. That’s right, it won’t do something. I am not for the U.S. to act like it is the protector of the world but I would appreciate them making a stand where a stand needs to be made. The truth is we don’t need Saudi Arabia for anything. By that I mean the leadership. Just like you can’t judge Americans by our leadership, I’m not judging the Saudi people by theirs.

But we as citizens can do something. We can make noise. We can make it constantly. Americans on average get fired up about something and then that fire dies off after a while and everyone knows it. Time to change that.


Write your congressman. How often? That’s up to you.

I’m not going to tell you how to say something. I personally will likely speak to the inhumanity of what is happening. Laws of a nation are different wherever you go. So I don’t plan to speak to laws but I do plan to speak to inhumanity and a desire for our nation to place sanctions on Saudi Arabia unless the lashings discontinue.

I don’t think we should all be carbon copies of each other. Speak in a personal way to each Congressman. You are a voter that helps get them there or not. You didn’t vote for them? I don’t care. This isn’t about a political party. This is about humanity.

I don’t agree with his imprisonment either, but being in prison is one thing. 1,000 lashes with 50 per week I just cannot fathom even the idea of who comes up with punishments like that. If he had not listened to a judge and not appealed it would have been 7 years and 600 lashes I believe.

So you want to write a letter to your congressman? The link below will give you advice on how to form a letter. The same is for email or snail mail.

Not sure who your Senator is? The link below will help you out.

Don’t know who your Representative is? Try the link below. Just need to know your zip code.

As bloggers we should be angry about imprisonment over something like discussions about politics and society even if they belittle leaders. Imagine if that were a law in the U.S., there would be some serious overcrowding of the prison system.

But as people we all should be angry. Some may point to other cases in the world that could equally be spoken of but this is the one that jumped out at me. This is the one that was placed in front of my eyes and I decided to speak about it.

Now will you do anything about it? Are you in another country? You can write to your leaders too. Sorry I cannot do a list for every nation in the world of how to find your leaders and write to them. Well I could but it would take a while.

This is the next step I thought of in what to do. I will keep thinking but you think as well and start something. Like write your local and regional papers. Write to the White House. Start up whatever it is you need to start up. Set up a network to be used not just this once, but for the future as well. That’s the great thing about blogging. We’re all connected around the world. And we could do so much if we all just united to do it. I don’t know who could organize that. I would likely forget about something by the end of the week if not for my blog content to remind me. But let’s start something. #BloggersForFreedom







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#BloggersForRaifBadawi #BloggersForFreedom begins now.

I don’t know how to start a Hashtag Trend. But I am going to start a Hashtag or two and see what happens. I am really upset about the cruel treatment of the Saudi Arabian blogger Raif Badawi. I wrote about in my Sunday Thought, 50 Lashes Against Freedom. Read it and see. I am too angry to write coherently right now about it again. Links to what is going on to him are there as well.

The hashtags I want to use are #BloggersForRaifBadawi and #BloggersForFreedom I don’t know if either will catch on but I am going to begin using them every day in some way. Join me if you like. You don’t have to but this is the only way I knew to really let people know what I want to do. Seriously, you do not have to join in and I will not think any less of any of my friends for not doing it. It’s just something I feel convicted to do.

bloggers for raif badawi




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