New Additions to my Site!

Have you seen the two new additions to my blog?

Check out the first image in the sidebar to the right. It’s my facebook like widget. Ronovan Writes fb like imageYou don’t even have to leave the site, visit facebook, or anything but click ‘Like’ in the image to actually LIKE my facebook page. Awesome, right?

Below that you’ll see an image you can click to get my debut novel for free in an eBook format. By clicking the image you go to the CLICK IT and GET IT page. freeFill out the form and I’ll send you a personal email with the eBook format of your choice, well one of the choices I have available in the form.

Hate clicking the image? Click the CLICK IT and GET IT tab above us and you’ll end up at the same place.

10 thoughts on “New Additions to my Site!

        • As a former history teacher and pop culture fiend, I love all things related to learning about people. Put a documentary of a band in front of me, even the worst one ever, (Osmond Brothers?) and I would be happy.

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      • some day people might end up googling ronovan also huh πŸ™‚ will lewk forward to opening my mail when i go there later on 2 day ThanQ ………an i’m sure it’lll be as good as the pre-view lewkin forward to it once again ..will let u an da werld know what i think after it πŸ™‚ take care . Q

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  1. brilliant a knowledgeable person re WordPress. I have been battling to get a like on the email that is sent to my followers. Some I get just have comments – see all comments – like or a combination. So please help!


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