New Additions to my Site!

Have you seen the two new additions to my blog?

Check out the first image in the sidebar to the right. It’s my facebook like widget. Ronovan Writes fb like imageYou don’t even have to leave the site, visit facebook, or anything but click ‘Like’ in the image to actually LIKE my facebook page. Awesome, right?

Below that you’ll see an image you can click to get my debut novel for free in an eBook format. By clicking the image you go to the CLICK IT and GET IT page. freeFill out the form and I’ll send you a personal email with the eBook format of your choice, well one of the choices I have available in the form.

Hate clicking the image? Click the CLICK IT and GET IT tab above us and you’ll end up at the same place.


Two years and counting.

What does two years of blogging get you?

I guess that all depends on what you’re looking at. Some might look at numbers, and I did out of curiosity. I was going to post them here but thought that a bit mundane.

Looking at views and then thinking how many likes you get on the same posts can be very telling. I’ve never been fooled by it. I know 50 likes doesn’t mean 50 views. It means about 30 views and the other 20 are mixed between people just clicking like in the WP Reader or on my Home Page. It doesn’t bother me either way. I stopped caring about likes a long time ago. I just share what I have and go on my merry little way.

Again, what does two years of blogging get you?


Friends from all over the world.

A network of people for my Book Review site that I never would have thought of if not for this blog.

A published book that is receiving great reviews. (And you can get for free by signing up for my newsletter.

And finally I got a better version of me.

Before beginning this blog I was in a bad place in regards to health and mind. Now I’m still in a bad place health wise, but my mind is not so depressed as it was before. I realize I can do something on my own schedule which is whenever I have the energy. You may have noticed I apparently don’t have that much energy lately.

I want to thank all of you that are my friends. You know who you are. I thank all those who visit my blog each week and enjoy what they find here.

Much Respect


This opportunity expires at the end of 4/30/2016 EST, New York Time.

Click the Image.


HOW TO Indent in your blog posts.

         As some of you may have noticed, I have begun a new feature here on RW called Ask Ronovan. You can ask anything. Normally I wait a couple of weeks and put out the answers on a Sunday with the next Ask Ronovan post. However, a question was asked I believe needs answering now. Do you wonder how to indent in your blogs?

         Here is the request:

Name or Identifying Name (Think something like “What’s Cooking in Columbia”.): Ann V. Friend

Website (Not required.):

Your Question for Ronovan: Hi Ronovan

Can you point me in the write direction for html code to align my acrostic poem below?

Can’t align in WordPress.

         I’m not including the poem here but I’ll create one that will do much the same.

we go to Look at the view
because beauty is sO rare and few
i haVe never giVen you your due
today I give my hEart to you

         Obviously the word here is LOVE but the letters are not lining up. Let’s see what I can do. If you’ve been paying attention, you realize I am able to help Ann.

         What Ann is asking is how to indent like we do in Word. Here in WordPress and other blog platforms, everything is aligned left to be flush with the left hand side of the content area. I’ve been indenting during this article so far. In fact I am using one of my favorite pieces of HTML script. I’ll type the characters out separately since I am typing in the TEXT tab of the POST EDITOR. If I did the script all together, you wouldn’t see it.

& n b s p ;

         You see 6 characters above. Delete the spaces between the characters and then put the combined script before the first character of your sentence. For example, here in this paragraph as well as the ones earlier, I used 9 of these to create this many spaces.

         Let’s try making the poem I wrote line up properly.

                   we go to Look at the view
 because beauty is sO rare and few
        i haVe never giVen you your due
     today I give my hEart to you

          It works. The best thing to do in order to check you are lining up correctly is to use your preview button and check it out. REMEMBER with HTML if you switch to the VISUAL TAB during the creation of the post, you lose your script and have to start over. Until you hit PUBLISH, you will lose your script if you switch over. That’s why I typed the code above with spaces. I’m in the TEXT TAB.
         You can also use this SCRIPT inside of a sentence. Sometimes I’ve wanted to have things space just a touch bit different in a sentence. It’s like the POST EDITOR wants things to line up a certain way and hates me. Well, you can place the code like so a n d have it do what you like. Now that may look just like a normal space, but how often have you seen something you do and it just won’t take the normal space bar space? Well, use the script and it’ll work.

HTML Indent Script Image.
Ann, I hope this helps.

Much Respect,

Check out my novel Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling.
Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling Review Image.

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Easy HTML for Return to Top links and More!

Have you noticed when visiting some of my challenges how you can click a word and skip around the page? I call those Page Jumps or Skips. I’ve written articles here on how to do several different kinds, but today I’ll show you two bits of HTML code you can use to do several things. Believe me when I say this is a lot simpler than you may think, or it may look at first. No, I didn’t learn this in a school. If I did I probably would know some proper names for things. I’m a lay person about this stuff and try to give it to you in simple English, while using some proper jargon.

One fun thing you can do with what I’m going to do is this. I want you to click on the following words. Go to Comments. Then scroll back up here or hit your back button.


What’s HTML? It means Hyper-Text Markup Language. Glad you asked? Make more sense to you now? Me neither. How about “a standardized system for tagging text files to achieve font, color, graphic, and hyperlink effects on World Wide Web pages.” I got that from Google when I typed in HTML definition.

HTML doesn’t use normal words. If it did it wouldn’t be Code. Yay, us, right? Boo! Hiss! Actually, it can be fun when you know not to be afraid of it. Practice in a post and if you mess it up, so what? You don’t have to hit PUBLISH.

Let me give you an example of HTML language.

HREF means hypertext reference. Basically for us it means it helps create a hyperlink to something when combined with other information. For example, if I wanted to put a link to Amazon for my book here, and then went to look at the Code in the TEXT tab in my POST EDITOR in WordPress, I would see href=”, at least that’s the beginning of it. Notice the href at the beginning. That’s HTML.

In other words, you’re using it every day when you publish a post.


There are two tabs in the POST EDITOR. One tab is the VISUAL tab, which is how it looks on the actual site when published. This is the simple way of doing things and you can just use the TOOLBAR to change Text Color, Text and Image Alignments, and general things like that without doing any altering.

The other is the TEXT tab where all the HTML happens. All that Text Color changing and all you do in the VISUAL tab, well the HTML part of that can be found in the TEXT tab. In the TEXT tab you can change spacing between paragraphs a bit more, and do some other things as well, which is why I’m writing this in the first place.

One thing to remember is that when you do these scripts, make sure not to switch back and forth between the VISUAL and TEXT tabs. You will lose your newly added scripts. I click on SAVE DRAFT often if it is a large project. If you are curious how it is looking, click on PREVIEW.

So far so easy.


You will see COLOR CODING, BOLD FACE, and LARGE FONTS as we continue. All of these are for differentiating information. There is no need for different colors, bold, italics, large fonts, or anything other than plain text when doing HTML.

For today:

RED-Means you don’t change that in the script.

GREEN-Means you can change it. Most likely you will to meet your purposes. Usually these are real words, such as what a Reader will click on to jump to another part of the page, or it may be the Destination one reaches after clicking. A Destination can be a word within a sentence, or even a Heading for a Category, Paragraph, or any other thing you want it to be.

PINK/PURPLEIs used for the symbols ><. When you see those in that formation, it means you can type words between them and those words will be seen in the actual published post while the rest of the Code is invisible and takes up no space at all. The words between the >< will be shown in GREEN below. See above for what GREEN means.

You’ve seen all of this at work before.

You’ve seen Return to Top in an article before, right? Did you see >< on either side of those words? Did it look like >Return to Top<?

No it didn’t. That’s because the >< is part of the long script and thus is invisible and as far as the visible post is concerned, doesn’t exist. All you saw was what I’m referring to as the GREEN part between the ><.

All good?

I’M GOING TO START WITH THE GO TO CODE. (At least I call it that.)

Go To/Return to Top Code-When the Reader clicks on it, it takes the Reader where they want to go. If you participate in my challenges you will see something that says, if you’ve been here before, click HERE to skip to the Prompt. The word HERE replaces the words Return to Top in the code below. That’s how useful the two codes are I’m going to show you.

Remember, in the code below the RED parts you leave alone, and the GREEN you change. Keeping in mind the idea of the Return to Top you see in articles, this one makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

<a href=”#Top>Return to Top</a>

So we have the href which is saying “I’m creating a link.” Then we have the #Top which is the Destination for the link, like Amazon was the destination for my book link I used earlier. Finally we have the words the Readers will see. What will the link look like to the Reader?

Return to Top

You can put anything for people to see between the ><. Just like you can use anything for the Destination or ANCHOR CODE. It doesn’t have to be #Top. What gave that away? Oh yeah, the fact Top is GREEN.

If you have problems with colors at all, the first line below is the Red, the Second is the Pink/Purple, and the third is the Green.

<a href=”#                                     /a>

                               >                          <

                     Top    Return to Top


This is what you need in order to make the Go To Code work. If you don’t have the Anchor Code, then the Go To Code has no Destination to go to.

Remember, in the code below the RED parts you leave alone, and the GREEN you change. Keeping in mind the idea of the Return to Top you see in articles, again this one should make a lot of sense.

<a id=”Top></a>

The Top here matches the Top in the Go To Code and they MUST match. The only difference is the # in the Go To Code.

By placing this piece of code at the very top of your post, before all other content and then the Go To Code anywhere else, even multiple times at various places, you are set for the Return to Top operation.

That’s right, you only need this one Anchor Code when doing a Return to Top operation. You can then use the same Go To Code in the previous section over and over again throughout the post, after every paragraph if you needed to for some reason.

Still easy? Hope you said yes.

If that’s all you want to know about what I call In-Page Jumps/Skips then you can click Like at the bottom, share the post, reblog it, and follow my blog for other great articles. If you want more to do with these two pieces of script that’s cool and useful, keep reading.

So you’re still here? You glutton for punishment you.

Things to do with the two pieces of Script/Code are very simple. Just keep in mind those things you can change can be changed to be anything, and the parts between the >< can be seen by the Reader.


Let’s see this in a format like my Haiku Challenge Review. I’ll did a very short version here with the code typed in VISUAL first. Then I will do a section where the code is typed in TEXT.

<a id=”Top></a>

Welcome to the Haiku Challenge Review. This week we had over 60 participants join in and share their offerings. Talk about different takes. I’m just glad I stopped picking winners.

Click on the Category below to go to the section.

<a href=”#Life>Life</a>

<a href=”#Romance>Romance</a>

<a href=”#Wisdom>Wisdom</a>

(Assume an image is here)

<a id=”Top>Life</a>

Poet A of Number 1 Blog.

Poet B of Number 2 Blog.

<a href=”#Top>Return to Top</a>

<a id=”Top>Romance</a>

Poet C of Number 3 Blog.

Poet D of Number 4 Blog.

<a href=”#Top>Return to Top</a>

<a id=”Top>Wisdom</a>

Poet E of Number 5 Blog.

Poet F of Number 6 Blog.

<a href=”#Top>Return to Top</a>

Welcome to the Haiku Challenge Review. This week we had over 60 participants join in and share their offerings. Talk about different takes. I’m just glad I stopped picking winners.

Click on the Category below to go to the section.
(Assume an image is here)

Poet A of Number 1 Blog.
Poet B of Number 2 Blog.
Return to Top

Poet C of Number 3 Blog.
Poet D of Number 4 Blog.
Return to Top

Poet E of Number 5 Blog.
Poet F of Number 6 Blog.
Return to Top

That’s it for this week. See you tomorrow with a brand new set of words to use!

Much Respect


To see how this works in the Haiku Challenge Review I’ve mentioned, click HERE to go to one of my Haiku Challenge Reviews.

If you are clear about everything, skip to the bottom, click Like, share the article, reblog it and follow my blog for more great posts like this.
HTML Script Image

Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling Available on Amazon.

Amber Wake Gabriel Falling Book Quote Image

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You saw the title of 5 Ways to Grow Your Blog Audience and are wondering about seeing an image about a challenge. Keep going, this part is an explanation of that, or you can click HERE and head to the beginning of the main content. I’m this week’s host of Writers Quote Writers Quote Wednesday Writing ChallengeWednesday Writing Challenge over on Colleen and I alternate hosting weeks since we combined her quote challenge and my Wednesday writing challenge into one huge jamboree of a wordfest. Colleen chose “Romance” for the theme last week, and I’ve chosen “Wisdom” for this week. Click HERE to check out what “Wisdom” quote I chose.

What does that matter to you if you are not involved in that wonderful challenge?

First of all, I’m not doing this to get you to go to my quote over on the challenge. If you’ve followed me for a while you know I am not a numbers hound when it comes to blogging. I enjoy blogging and used to be a data analyst in marketing, so numbers and how things work are hobbies of mine. When I feel it’s time to share something useful, I share it. That last part is the former teacher and corporate trainer in me.

However, I had to mention the challenge because I told people there I had some words of wisdom to share about blogging and I wanted the challenge to remain the focus of the day on Colleen’s blog.

Secondly, I hadn’t planned to share any words of wisdom here today at all, but felt there was a need to after thinking about the possibilities Quote Posts, and others similar to them, can bring to a blogger.

I’ll be sharing how to set things up to attract attention with a post and what to do with it once you’ve attracted readers. Okay, so I don’t make money from blogging, but to me the Readers are friends and encourage me to continue writing. How do you think the amnesiac finished a book and has it on Amazon? I was in limbo before I started blogging and found the community here.

5 Ways to Grow Blog Audience


If you’ve been blogging a while and look around for how to bring people to your blog, then you’ve seen tips about catchy Post Titles. Yep, this is the big one for getting people to click on your post to begin with.

  • Don’t lie or bait and switch. In other words, your title should be true about the post. If not, people won’t come back.
  • How do you create that attention grabber title? I’ll give you the three that work the best.
    • Use numbers if doing something like quotes.
    • Use the old ‘How to” if you are going to share a tip or advice.
    • Or use “What do you do …”

Do these work? Here are my top 10 most ‘Liked’ posts.

Anything I mentioned above stand out to you in that list? The question is, did I use those methods on purpose or not? The truth? I did it with only one, and that one I did use the numbering the way they said to. I used 18 instead of using numbers such as 5, 10, 15, 20, and so on. What you see though is, attention grabbers work. However, grabbing them doesn’t mean you keep them coming back.


To turn a visitor into a regular reader of your blog:

  • Follow through on what your title promised.
  • Make your post visually and mentally stimulating.
    • Get the readers eyes moving.
    • Mix up your post with Images scattered about and not always centered or all in a column along one side of the post.
    • Don’t have too many font sizes or colors. That gets annoying. If a list, like a list of quotes, perhaps alternate two colors, with odd being one color and even being the other.


Sounds like I’m saying to spread gossip, right? No. What you need to do is make sure when you put an image in your post, you have filled in the Alt Text field for the image. Why? Do you notice that quite often people put images at the very topAlt Text Image in Media Library of a post? Have you ever noticed that I rarely put my images right at the very top?

There’s a reason I don’t. Search Engines crawl through your pages searching for key words a person is looking for. If you have an image taking up room at the top, and nothing in the Alt Text field, two things get messed up: the Search Engines may discover other more SEO friendly site pages and push you down the list during their hunt, and the other thing, nothing to do with Search Engines, is screen readers for the visually impaired don’t read that blank field and it throws them off a bit. Simply pick maybe the best five words to describe what the image is about in context of the post. It doesn’t need to be complicated. It could be something like “Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge Image”. Also be certain to include what the post is about in the first paragraph as well as anywhere appropriate.


If people visit you looking for one topic, add a link at the end of your post to previous content of a similar nature the reader may find interesting. One thing you can do with the old post is change the name of it to something catchier and more attention grabbing for the reader to click on. The thing is, your content may be great, it’s just your title was bad. (See Blog Tip: Links to Blogs and Articles-How to and WHY to find out to link.)


Make it easy for a visitor to click follow. You can:

  • Put a link to Bloglovin’ in your post and have people follow you that way. It’s not my preferred method but it is one.
  • You can also include your Twitter handle with a link included for people to follow you on Twitter. I do this. (Wonder how to add it? See Blog Tip: Links to Blogs and Articles-How to and WHY)
  • You can also put a script in your post that when people click on it, they follow your blog. I do this.

I imagine you may be wondering what that script is I mentioned. Let’s see if I can put it in here and make it not work.

[ blog_subscription_form ]

Success! What you need to do is take all the bold you see and remove the space between the [ and the b and between the m and the ]. Place that in your post and it will appear as everything between my Book Cover below and my Twitter handle. There is no actual HTML scripting.

Check out 10 Tips to Make Blogging Enjoyable. Traps to Avoid or 18 Quotes to Inspire Writers, Bloggers–Everyone. You choose which your in the mood for today.

Much Respect


Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling on Amazon

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