Finding Time to Blog. Huh?

(A post from my drafts folder to share until my laptop arrives.)

“My blogging life is basically goalless. I like the zen nature of that, and paradoxically, it improves results.”~Seth Godin

I’ve been asked in the past about how to find time to blog. Do you have time to ask me that question? If the answer is yes, you have the time to blog. Do you have time to read a blog? If the answer is yes, you have time to write a blog. I don’t think people are really asking me about time. Then what are they asking me about?

“How do I come up with ideas?

“What do people will like to read?”


I have no idea what you should write about. Why? Because I’m not you. But I suppose like any other blogging non-expert I can tell you what I have done.

The truth is when you first begin to blog you might end up writing about a lot of different things until you find what you are most comfortable with. I was heavy into some dark poetry. It was basically a time I was dealing with my amnesia and before being diagnosed and treated for various health issues. But a great many people identified with it. I have no idea why nor did I attempt to keep writing it in order to keep a certain audience.

I can’t write poetry quite like that now because I am in a much better place. I obviously didn’t give up blogging or writing poetry. Now I write whatever comes to me, regardless of subject or audience. It’s my blog. Thus I blog what I blog.

The first thing you need to decide, once you get down to actually wanting to write a blog post is to decide your purpose for blogging.

Your purpose.

Is your brain hurting yet? Don’t worry, it isn’t that bad. It’s just that some people have blogs for professional or semi-professional reasons. My blog has many purposes.

Some people want to share a hobby, some a cultural or family history. Well things based on that culture.

Many like to explore writing. This one is greatly accommodated here in WordPress. There are many blogs with writing prompts you use and then link back to the original prompt and receive some visitors to your blog. Of course the Daily Post also has prompts. My Haiku Challenge is a Daily Post Event.

WordPress also holds Blogging 101 and 102 to help people get started. I personally found my own way to where I am. Personal interests will lead you to your topics.

If you like a topic then most likely there are others who do as well.

After Your Purpose.

If you are blogging for professional reasons, stick to that topic. People will be visiting you for that specific reason. As for a blog of whatever, much like mine, stay honest and real…you can’t go wrong. People will pick up on fake every time.

As for time?

You can speak more words in 5 minutes than you think. Just type. Don’t write to your audience…talk to them. You don’t have to entertain, simply share. You don’t have to have long posts. They can be no more than 300 words if you like. I did that for a time. I kept my posts under 300 words. It was an exercise in writing as much as it was in not having to write long posts.

“There are 100 million blogs in the world, and it’s part of my job as the co-founder of WordPress to help many more people start blogging.”~Matt Mullenweg

More to come another time. Hope this helps a little for now.

Much Respect


© Copyright-All rights reserved by 2015

5 thoughts on “Finding Time to Blog. Huh?

  1. I loved your poetry, then. I love it now. Back then there you had that guy hunched over at the top of your blog and along with your poetry he went very well and I found it so fascinating. These days when you do write poetry it is different, less dark but still beautiful.

    As for time to blog goes, the only advice I could give to anyone reading this would be to do what you can and go with the flow. There will be times when one needs to attend to life stuff and there will be times when you just can and want to blog more. When you do have a little more time write a few drafts that you can use at another time, when you may not have so much time or when life gets in the way. If you don’t blog for a day or two or a week, people won’t stop following you for it.

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