The best tip I have to get Blog Traffic.

Thought I would give the biggest and best tip I have about blogging views and traffic today. But you’ll have to wait a moment for it.

I’ve seen so many posts/articles that go on about how if you post like this or that and during these hours and the like you will get a lot more views. To some extent they are correct.

I’ve written articles about where the views come from as in do the source of the clicks to your site come from Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or whatever.

But here is the honest deal to it all. The more friends you have that know about your site and read your site the more people you have share your articles elsewhere.

I don’t share my work in many places right now. Twitter is pretty much it, and Tumblr by default. Really those two are defaults built into my blog. But I get views from other sources. Facebook is one. I rarely share an article on facebook, yet I get a decent number of views from there, well on average they are okay, but not like stellar. But for not even using facebook for the purpose of sharing my articles, getting views from there is pretty good. Same goes for Reddit.

You see, your focus should be on writing great content and making great friends. Doing that means you end up with a great blog. Those great friends share your work with their friends. Is that why you make those great friends? No. It is a side effect of doing what you are supposed to do on your blog-Write Great Content.

What is great content? That’s all dependent upon the writer. Do I have great content? I’m not sure. I write from the heart and mind and leave it at that. I don’t make the effort to weave a tapestry of words that will enthrall people. This article, for example, is all stream of thought and won’t be edited. This is it, how I think and how I write.

The content you come up with may end up being a poem, a short story, a blog tip or a challenge of some type. But the truth is, if you are writing those just to get traffic on your blog then people will know it. Thus, it’s not great content.

When I get a lot of traffic on my blog, it’s an accident. I don’t really post at the best times or anything. I post at midnight sometimes which is an awful time to do so and I get hit by 200+ clicks for that article.

You want lots of views to your site, lots of traffic? Write and make friends. Forget all the headaches of research. Yeah, read the advice, but don’t get caught up in all of it too much. Focus on those two things I mentioned and you’ll end up just fine.

Much Respect


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14 thoughts on “The best tip I have to get Blog Traffic.

  1. You are right. Great content is great for sharing. I share more of my friends stuff across my social networks than my own. Sharing is not about you or me it is about the reader, or that is how I view it. 🙂

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  2. I would have to agree! I haven’t been blogging for even a year yet. And when I started it was just because I NEEDED to write and release photos. It was a therapeutic venture for me. I had said for years that I would write and start my own photography business. And life just kept getting in the way. So no more excuses. Blogging was my warm up to my dreams. It was step one of turning that dream into a goal. I write for me, to release my feelings, thoughts, and etc. And you know what? I don’t have millions or hundreds of “likes” but I do have over a hundred followers on my photo blog and over two hundred on my writing blog. So hey, I couldn’t be more pleased 🙂 And in the process of all that, I found your site!!! It is a win win.

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  3. Great and informative advice. Although I have a ‘Blog’ on WordPress, I only use it to ;re-blog; others’ – especially RONOVAN WRITES and LIT WORLD, OLGANM, HIGH’S VIEWS, SILVER THREAD, and others I find interesting. MY PROBLEM – TIME!!!!
    I only have 26 hours in my day, minus four hours for necessary sleep – a couple of hours with my dogs and cats, a couple hours for reading/responding to e-mails, a few hours promoting my books on Internet sites,and that leaves me NO TIME for creating interesting posts on a blog! SO RONOVAN, with ALL your WISDOM – – tell me how to make the TIME to Blog!


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  4. Good advice, makes sense. Am I supposed to be following everyone who follows me? I’m a little worried at the amount of time I spend reading posts now. I try to keep up but I’m supposed to be working on my book. I feel like I did years ago when my kids were little and I was trying to talk on the phone pleading with them to, “Shh. Just give me a minute here.”


    • No, you should only follow those people you want to follow. If you have a lot, then read certain ones on certain days. But you don’t have to do complimentary follow backs, either here or Twitter or anywhere. 🙂 Although it’s tough on an author early on in regards to Twitter because you feel you need to follow back to keep those people following you. But if they followed you first, then they should have followed you because they were interested in something you were doing, otherwise they just wanted a follow back, and perhaps would be of no use to you anyway in regards to spreading the word about your book. I usually check out those I follow back on Twitter to make sure they are at least real people and are into something I am interested in.

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  5. Never a truer word said! I would add to engage with those readers and followers too; thats one thing I love about blogging, is creating content which results in a discussion in the comments. Its how you get to know people and make friends, and what draws me to their blogs too. ☺

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