My Space Got Hijacked.

When I decided to take a little break that turned into an over one-year break from active blogging, I intended to reenergize mentally and emotionally. I’m a blogger that started this adventure without boundaries in place. What that means is I was open to everyone who seemed to need help. And I got plenty of people showing up.

Of course, I kind of asked for it because I seriously put myself out there with my personal struggles. I shared history and current factors that led me to where I am now, or rather where I was then. But I made a mistake by shutting down entirely during my break and distanced myself from my blogging friends.

Amazingly I don’t think that I forever pushed some very important people away. Since my post last week, I’ve received comments and messages welcoming me back and some ‘you were missed’ sentiments. That was a big relief. Now I just need to become active visiting around the neighborhood without becoming addicted again.

One of the things that made this blog be anything that it might be is poetry. I never wrote poetry with maybe the exception of a handful years ago and then I started a blog. As I roamed around followers’ blogs I found poetry. It was then I decide I would give it a try and it became the biggest outlet for a lot of things going on inside of me. Shortly after learning what a haiku was I started a monthly haiku challenge. It’s been going ever week without fail since with week 200 coming up shortly. I even kept it going through a hospital stay and a tornado where I ended up evacuating my home to travel to a hotel for safety. That last one happened twice.

I’m an amateur at best when it comes to the rhymes and all of that, but I do think I ended up a nice level before I stopped cold turkey. Why do I bring this up?

Now I am finding it a struggle to do what was once my favorite thing to do on my blog. It’s as great lesson in even if you have a talent for something that if you don’t keep practicing you can lose it. I also stopped writing fiction and for an author with a book available on Amazon that hurts so deep I can’t even describe it.

I get an idea to write a piece of poetry or a story and before I can even pick up a pen or get my laptop going something clicks inside of me and the engine shuts down. Now as I attempt to get back into those good habits I once have I’m going to need to break with the old ones I’ve developed and that is the biggest piece of advice I can give anyone that is a creative.

You need to pick a creative space that is dedicated to your art, no matter what that art may be. Don’t allow any sedentary activity into that space. Why? You get an idea and then you go to that spot or you head to hop on your bed with your laptop and what happens? What happens is your body and mind slip into the habit that takes place most often in that space. You won’t even realize that is what’s happening.

For the longest time my bed was my writing space because it was the only place in the house that I could use, but I did an excellent job of writing and filling my days and evenings with creativity. Then during the break my little space in the house, I called my own, became a place for watching movies, reading books, taking naps, and simply resting while Fibro Flares did their thing.

Now I am rewiring my mind and body to be back to the olden days of blogging and writing books. Writing these posts each week are what you might call baby steps. I don’t advise forcing yourself into a creative space all at once. If you do you will end up so frustrated, you might just give up entirely.

So, if you are suffering from a decrease in blog output or other creative endeavors, see if you’ve hijacked your creative space for other things … then hijack it back, but in a nice and easy way.

See y’all next week.


12 thoughts on “My Space Got Hijacked.

  1. I’ve been doing your Haiku challenge for a while now, and confess the rhyming things doesn’t usually happen for me, but it seems to come together OK.
    Looking forward to seeing some more posts when you find your feet or new platform sotospeak.


  2. Quite the share, and, lesson, Ronovan. Keeping up your Weekly Haiku Challenge, through all you’ve gone through, is amazing. Saying you’ve ‘hijacked’ your space, and, your advice for taking it back, resonates.. Self-sabotage and I are old friends. Excuses for not writing, sharing work socially, have a language of their own. Thank you for your inspiration. Take good care.
    P.S. You can’t push the river. Welcome back


  3. As I said, welcome back.  I like your challenge.  I’m not very good at it, but I try.  You are important here in the WP community, so please stay and keep writing.  I find I call my bedroom my inner sanctum where I do everything.  It’s uncomfortable to spend too much time sitting in the wheelchair so sitting on a bed with stretched out legs is better.  I usually read and write during the day and record anything I want to watch on TV for later.  The apartment rules require silence at ten, so I try to sleep then.   I know it sounds boring!  But I have family that visits almost every day so I’m good. Take care of yourself.

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  4. Makes sense, and I do have my laptop in a “creative space”. The problem? My laptop itself. Way too easy to find myself playing solitaire instead of writing 🙂


  5. It isn’t easy but you can do it. Over the past few years, there have been many long stretches when I haven’t written anything at all. Just writing a blog post seemed impossible. I’m working on taking baby steps right now, doing some writing here and there.

    Thank you for your weekly haiku prompts because there have been times that writing a haiku was the only writing I’d done in weeks. You have truly made a difference for me and many others. Now it’s time for us to help you! What can we do?


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