Bus Stop Stories: Rod the Observer

Bus Stop

Rod took his place on the bench as the bus pulled away. “What was that all about?”

I shook my head with a half smile.

“I don’t know how he lives that all the time.” He looked at me for agreement. I raised an eyebrow.

“What? That was crazy. She’d drive me off my rock, man.” Rod was a college student wanting to be a journalist. He liked to bounce his observations off me. I could see his wheels turning as he tried to look outside his world box.

“I guess he didn’t seem upset or anything, patience of a saint. I would have blown.” I nodded slightly to acknowledge I was listening.

“Rod!” We looked up as Rod’s friend Emerile jogged across the street.

“Real Erile,” Rod said as the hand shake thing began that I never could master.

“How’s it friend?”

“Fantastic, just talking about two oldies going back and forth.”

“You been necking it again? Need to stop all that, going to get that elastic head joint of yours chopped listening where it don’t belong.” Emerile smiled.

“Man, I’m good.”

“What you doing?”

“Nothing,” said Rod.

“Good, we heading to Tippies.”

“Why?” Rod was tight with his money.

“Man, Tippies only sells one thing.”

“I know, but I’m good as is.”

“Serious? Man, their stuff makes everything else like 2001.” Emerile gets excited about things, talking with his whole body. Never stand next to him when he gets started.

“You get it then.”

“Go with me anyways. You ain’t got nothing else to do.”

“Man, I am the busiest man in town.” The bus pulled up and the two climbed in, old friends going on about nothing. Didn’t matter what the age. Of course Rod would never realize he was a back and forth guy himself.



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