10,000 Views For RonovanWrites-Thank you Friends.

Thank you, all my Friends, for getting our Blog this far.


I know most of y’all probably have a ton of views, but I was happy to receive this today. It’s just a nice round number to see. This particular blog is three months old today, and I think maybe I need to put more into it to get the views coming in more, although that hasn’t been my real goal here. (I have been around writing in some forms on facebook pages and even a couple of ghostwriting freelance articles before this.) I just write what comes to mind as fast as they come and put them out to everyone in the hopes one of them will be like by some of y’all. I want to thank y’all for helping get RonovanWrites this far.

10000 View July 17

I wasn’t going to post this originally but you all have helped me so much and encouraged me and made me happy, that I wanted to share it with y’all.

Much Respect



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17 thoughts on “10,000 Views For RonovanWrites-Thank you Friends.

  1. Wow, congratulations, Ronovan. Those are numbers I can only dream about. I notice that the scale on the side of the stats table goes up in 50’s. Mine only goes up in 10’s! Credit is all down to you for writing interesting and inspiring posts for us all.


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