Diversity in action . . . I gotta problem.

Diversity in writing is a movement sweeping through the publishing industry. And I have a problem with it.

I want to talk comic books for a moment. No, don’t leave. You’re a writer. Comics aren’t what they used to be  . . . for better or worse. So stay with me on this. You’ll see where I am going momentarily, maybe.

Thor is a Wfemale_thor.jpgoman

“The inscription on Thor’s hammer reads ‘Whosoever holds this hammer, if HE be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.’ Well it’s time to update that inscription,” says Marvel editor Wil Moss.


Captain America is African American

“For most of his professional life, Sam has worked as a social worker, so he’s seen the worst of urban society up close, and how crime, poverty, lack of social structure and opportunity can affect the community.”-Editor Tom Brevoort

I’m from the South. What do you think my problem here is?

Take your time, gather your thoughts.

Now toss them out the window.

Yes I intentionally led you down the wrong brain drain. Anyone that knows me and has read my other offerings here on RonovanWrites knows how I feel about all people.

So what’s my deal?

#1 Thor is a Nthor.jpgorse god of mythology, not a goddess. Yeah, I know it’s a comic book, but still. Try it with Muhammad. “Oh, but Muhammad was real.” Give me another point. Jesus was real also. So let’s not get into religion. More than likely this will be a temporary deal. Who knows?

#2 Captain America? He, in the form of Steve Rogers, the original Captaicaptain_america_100,jpgn America is my favorite comic book character of all time . . . seriously. I have Captain America 100 from the 1960s in a frame, his first solo titled gig in the modern era. I even have a small statuette of him. My son has been him twice at Halloween, the first time he had a pacifier. Cute? Of course, how could he not be? Is that the problem I have, that my favorite character isn’t my favorite character inside the suit any longer? Nope.

Do I have a problem with an African American in the uniform? Nope.

It’s Sam Wilson, the Falcon,

sam_wilson_falcon.jpgCaptain America’s off and on partner for a long time, who even shared the banner on the book for a number of years. I got no problem with it. He’s the first person Rogers has hand picked as his successor. He represents the beliefs like Steve Rogers did.And in the mid 1980s he had awesomely cool costume. He’s the first African American hero in comics.

One thing the press release said was that Sam was more in touch with the modern man and the problems of society, that he didn’t grow up in the 1930s like Steve Rogers, who has been aged somehow in the comics. Yeah, Steve grew up in the depression so I guess he doesn’t know anything about the problems of the world today and the economic situation. Yeah, note the sarcasm. Please. When you have people running the show that just don’t get it, you end up with explanations that don’t need to be given.

They say this has maybe been in the making for two years. Okay, I’m good with that. I just don’t like the gimmicks.

I just like Steve Rogers in the role. I didn’t like Bucky Barnes, Cap’s original partner, playing the part either. Is that still the reason I don’t like the change? Nope.

So what’s my problem?

Marvel is making change for money. No, they are not, in my opinion making a statement in regards to society. They are writing to just get in on the diverse market and it is sickening. I know that’s how it works but it still sickens me. It sickens me as bad as when they started allowing swearing in main stream comic books. Yeah, I stopped collecting. I protested it, me, Mr. 100 + books per month.

I don’t take the comic book industry lightly. Where did I learn a large vocabulary at a young age? Why from The Fantastic Four and Reed Richards of course. Comic books teach. And what are they teaching now? Sell out.

the_three_musketeers.jpgI have other classic books in comic book form like The Three Musketeers and the like from the 1960s as well. No I wasn’t born until after the 60s. I just liked comics.

It’s obvious and obnoxious to me. Yeah, I wanted to be a comic book writer at one point, and still would like to. I would even like it at Marvel, but hey, blogger boy gotta speak his blogger mind on his blog. So if Marvel is reading, I understand if you turn anything down I might send your way some day. And yeah, oddly I had a diverse book idea for you.

But you don’t take a real social issue and then do this with it. You have diverse characters aplenty at Marvel. Just putluke_cage.jpg your money in them and your support. Power Man (Luke Cage) and Iron Fist were two of the coolest characters. Power Man was African American and look what you did with his character the last time I was around. You turned him into a book that kids couldn’t read.

You want to give books to kids with diversity in it? Don’t switch the characters in the safe books. Instead make the characters you already have safe. But then . . . comic books aren’t for kids are they?

That’s my Opinion
Much Respect


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14 thoughts on “Diversity in action . . . I gotta problem.

  1. Now I am not a comic book reader, as I just wasn’t around them growing up. But I still feel like I can understand your points based on other things I have seen going on in children’s entertainment. Well said and good points. Taking out a well known character and taking what seems like its lifeblood and putting in this poster image of so called diversity leaves me feeling like they took out what made the character interesting. And I don’t know about comic books, but a lot of Disney shows that feature diversity get called rascist nowadays. The apes in Jungle Books, African America. The Aristocats mimicking the chinese. The crab in The Little Mermaid Jamaican. So there are lot’s of ways to put in interesting characters from different races but don’t sap all the life out of it and try to push morality into people’s faces… Here I am speaking of the diversity posters, and a million other cartoons in the back of my head but I can’t quite remember the names, where they went “moral” and became dull in the process.


    • Thank you. I am all for diversity, it is life after all. But I just don’t like the as another comment said, ‘commercial’ aspect. I love Sam Wilson, and I love that he is the one picked to be Captain America, I just think it is a bit obvious as to the why.
      Much Respect
      Oh, and I LOVE your profile picture.


      • I’m afraid I wouldn’t have much knowledge on this topic due to my lack of interest in superheros and comics altogether. Only TinTin and Archies were an exception to me.

        And I’m so gald you liked my picture 🙂


  2. Well, comic characters change all the time. It was only a few years ago that they brought Bucky back and then Captain America died for a while and he was the new Cap (they already made a movie of the first half of that story), and before that there have been different Caps many times. It’s just shaking up the status quo for a while, and I promise Steve Rogers will be back in no time.


    • I love how they explain the previous Caps. With the exception of Walker-USAgent they were ways of explaining away time line inconsistencies

      Yeah, I know Rogers will be back. He’s still there directing things and training Sam. And I love the idea of Sam being Cap. He’s the one character that Rogers would have picked, and actually does. Also the costume design is cool, and I like that they are making it obvious that he’s not the original version of Captain America. There would have been a time they would have made it a full face mask to hide that he is African American.

      Much Respect


  3. How strange that I had the exact reaction. I thought, surely they will say this is for diversity but really it’s just so more people will want to buy more tickets and more kids will want to buy more toys. Captain America is my two-year old son’s favorite toy. I guess I’m just surprised they are actually keeping “America” on him…what will the international audience think?


    • I do like the fact that they changed the costume to keep elements of The Falcon and not just try to make it seem as though it would not be noticed. Like I said, if there were one character to take over the role for a while I would pick Sam. Hawkeye would have been another choice but that character has been so all over the place from what I understand that I think Sam is the best choice from really working the closest with Rogers for so many years.


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