Site Changes.

You may have noticed the black has faded here at RonovanWrites. But I’m still not all sunshine and rainbows.


You’ll also notice I’ve gone to a color version of my photo and a slightly different angle. Yes, red hair, blue eyes, I am a rarity or so the statistics say. That combination is supposedly under 1 or 2% of the population in the entire world.


Also there are now drop downs above if you hover your cursor over the various page titles. This means the categories along the sidebar and the tag cloud are gone.


Does this mean that you won’t be seeing the Lost Mind Poet? Not at all. He lives on.


Also moving forward I want to return more to my writing and less on the interviews, although I have a few lined up I plan to try and slow down on their output. I love doing them but I love my poetry and other writings as well. Also I am beginning to work on a second draft of a romance/love story I have had sitting on the shelf for a few months. It’s back to work on that time, and I have two other books thoughts rolling around in my mind that are unique.


Plus there are still a couple of surprises coming up in the future.


Let me know what you think of the changes . . . seriously. You are the ones reading and navigating the site. I felt this w as less gloomy and the drop downs made it easier to find things and looked nicer and cleaner.


Much Respect and Gratitude to all of my Friends



2014 © Copyright-All rights

14 thoughts on “Site Changes.

  1. I liked the black and white picture better. It looks more arty (I mean that in a nice way) The colour one looks more like a cover for a travel/fishing/canoeing magazine. What about that picture you had with your hat? I thought that was good. Mind you I have terrible trouble with my ident picture. I did the 201 course, and it made it quite clear you should just have the one. So, of course, I have three…very confusing.


  2. It’s looking good, Ronovan. The drop down boxes are a great decision and I like the grey with with the lime green. So you to are a redhead, just like me then, only I have grey rather than blue eyes. I wonder if that make me rarer than you?


  3. I also like the new look. Not sure about the picture yet, but since I always wondered what you were looking like “in color”, at least my curiosity is totally satisfied right now. 🙂 I loved the “you looked more artsy in b/w” comment, and have to say that’s kind of true. But in color, you like kind of “more human” (sorry bad with words today, I hope you get what I mean). And if you like it, then it’s GREAT. Time for a little reinvention of oneself and one’s “canvas” (aka your blog) – admirable! Also congrats on the book ideas and getting back to them!


  4. I haven’t seen a lot of the old blog, but I do like the hover over titles myself better and I also like the white on grey it isn’t to bad on the eyes. As for the picture I prefer the black and white myself also, its arts. Glad to hear that you are slowing down on interviews and that you are going to be writing again. Hope to read some of it on her if not hope to see it on the shelves would love to grab a copy to read. Also glad to hear the blackness is gone and that you aren’t all sunshine and rainbows because then I know I am not alone. Keep up the good work.


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