Female Focus Friday Book Review: DECEPTION by Eloise De Sousa

I am not a professional book reviewer, if there really is such a thing. I have read books for more decades than I wish to reveal, and I have been writing for more than two of them. My mind knows the difference between a good story and a bad one.


I am not using a particular format from anyone, nor did I look for one. As always I decided just to jump in and do this my way and see how it turns out.



Title: Deception

Author: Eloise De Sousa

Pages: 236

Genre: Filed as an Adult Crime Romance

Formats: Paperback and ebook

Publisher: Lulu.com

Date of Publication: May 2014

Purchase: Amazon, Amazon U.K., Lulu.com

Author Website: EloiseDeSousa.wordpress.com

Author Twitter:

Eloise De Sousa


Story: Deception is about Amanda Glenson who has a nice life in a law firm in London where she is raising her 5 year old son Zachary. Unfortunately for her a past that sent her fleeing from her home, her country on another continent has finally caught up with her and there is no way around facing it, she must return home to Zimbabwe. But she doesn’t have to face it alone.


Enter Alex Edwards the handsome man that enters Amanda’s life with electricity in a moment only to discover he will be along for the ride into her past, a coincidence that fate brings about. Two people with tainted pasts joined together in quest to find truth. What will each do when they find out what that truth is?  Will Alex be able to forgive Amanda quick enough to help her before she loses everything?


Alex helps, but Amanda doesn’t rely on him completely as she tries to do it all on her own. This is her problem and she wants to take care of it.


Deception has a great storyline that flows well and keeps you reading. 236 pages of every kind of emotion keeps you reading and thus can be read in one sitting because it does make you want to know what happens next. Who did what? How are Amanda and Alex connected? What is the true Deception? And how does little Zachary play a role in the story?


De Sousa brings a realistic feel to the story and her imagery is perfect. She writes what she knows–London and Africa, two places she knows. You don’t get a feeling of someone trying to make up something to describe, she carries you along on a tour of her memories. This in part is what makes it a good read, an easy flowing read.


The deception title is all through the book in so many ways you have to keep guessing what is the deception, what is the one that causes all of the anguish in so many lives. You won’t guess but you will try.


This is an enjoyable read, and the emotional responses between the two main characters are excellently handled in a realistic but still electric way. Romance, desire, heat, and all done well and taste and with great imagery that gives you just enough to let you become part of the story, but not so much to drive you away from it. Very well done, classy.


And read to the last word or you will miss an ending I wasn’t expecting.


Reader Recommendation Rating-3.5-4 Stars

Why not 5? Being a man, I would have liked to see more of the internal feelings and trials of the male character Alex. It’s Amanda’s book and story, so I get it, but I thought more of Alex might have brought the book to the next level. (So sayeth a hopeless romantic.)




Much Respect to Eloise De Sousa



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