#Blog #Tips fotoflexer and picmonkey when image is everything.

Blog or not you probably will have a time you need to edit photos or images, be it for getting rid of a pimple or simply to put a ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Happy Birthday, Ronovan’ on a pretty picture to email because it’s cheaper than buying one. And it is cheaper than even mailing it if you are adding in the gas money, and tax and any impulse buying you do, even just that soft drink you just NEED or you will DIE. Why do I hear a 10 year old crying for baseball cards? Hmm.

Here are some tips.tipping_hat.jpg

I want to talk about two tools today; fotoflexer and picmonkey.

Both of tools are free to use online with just a bit of difference. I won’t be getting detailed today. I already went into some detail about fotoflexer in another recent article titled ‘How to use fotoflexer to add text and more to your images‘. I will get deeper into not only it but picmonkey as the days go by. Today is a just ‘tell you about them and and what I see as the differences and similarities’ day. Because really the way to learn how to use something like this is to go and play with it. I kid you not. Once you learn where things are, then you might go and see some advanced tutorials, which there are. I used a few on fotoflexer that are really cool. Cool’s not professional to use? Are you serious? Bummer, dude.


Let’s just be straight up here. Try both and see which one you like. Yeah, I know, that sort of tells you not to read the rest of this, right? Not really. But at the end of things that’s what you should do no matter whose article you read, because preference is just an opinion. Each of us will like one over the other.

Pros and Cons

In the world of Pros and Cons there is really only one Con to fotoflexer  and one for picmonkey I’ve found so far, but I am still looking in both.

The Fotoflexer Con

It appears you have to allow pop up ads on the site.  One pop up will occur and then you are free to go. If you have adblocker and pretty much anything like it you can just allow ads by site. This hasn’t been an annoyance for me so far as it has just been the one ad that pops up, I leave it in the background on another page were it pops, and I’m left alone the rest of the time. And they aren’t offensive ads that I have seen to date.

Con Rating with 5 being Migraine?-1.5 I know it’s free to use and they have to get the money in some way, so I go with, at least it’s not a distraction while working on an image.


Picmonkey Con

It is possible I am in error but I haven’t found the animated feature yet. By animated I mean you can make added images or text to your images blink or twinkle. It’s not a must but it is fun at times.

Con Rating with 5 being Migraine?-Maybe. I only give it a 1 because maybe I want the animation and I haven’t seen it yet. But no tool is perfect, no free tool anyway.


Neither of the Cons for either is a killer for me, a knock out not going to use either punch. Both have features I like that the other doesn’t.

Fotoflexer Pros

It has the animated Text and added images feature. Just a bit of a cool thing. But what I really like is the tool feature bar itself as it is located at the top and is very clean looking, while picmonkey is just a little more difficult for me to go through at the moment, but with usage either with do just fine.

Picmonkey Pros

Picmonkey has some nice fonts and is more of a classic design for images. It has more in the way borders/frames.


I think you could combine the two at times and come up with some fantastic creations. If you like playing around with things, then go for it. If not, stick with one and learn it well.


My pick? I am not a overly image needy person as far as what I need to use, so I go with the layout and toolbar of fotoflexer. It is just more appealing to me and I can have fun with the animation pieces.

Classic pick? Go with Picmonkey. Yes you can get classic with fotoflexer. I just wanted to say that before anyone jumps in. In fact I used it for a recent Haiku where I blurred the edges of old paper and the like to get the right look. But if you don’t care about the bling, then picmonkey might be your thing, especially if you don’t want the pop ad.

I’ll do a more detailed article on picmonkey as soon as I explore it more. And I will also post some results from each site to show you want can be done.


Two sites, are much the same inside, just different ways to work the features. It’s all a matter of taste.


Much Respect




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2 thoughts on “#Blog #Tips fotoflexer and picmonkey when image is everything.

  1. Thanks! I still have to get over to fotoflexer and check it out. I’m not sure if I care about animation or not. I’ve never used it so maybe that’s my answer? I did find picmonkey hard to use at times. It seemed like the more familiar I got with it, the easier it was. Thanks for the quick comparison. 🙂


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