Writing Tip: Should you try to write in a genre style?

What genre do you write in? When you sit down to start your novel, what is it going to be able as far as what area of the book store or category on Amazon will it show up?

genresI could make this a long article, but I won’t. An author friend of mine and I were talking about a Romance I wrote, or two actually and that I wrote them having never read a Romance. The stories were really Love novels to me, but as for genre they would likely be called Romance.

I set out to write a Romance as a challenge to do something outside of my comfort zone and have discovered I love the basic ideas of the genre, but I had no idea what elements went into a Romance. I simply wrote the novels.

You see what you do is sit down and write your story. Pour everything into it, and then when you finish . . . find out what your genre is. The book will fall into some genre. Just tell your story from your heart. You can tell a science fiction robot story from the heart because you are putting all you have into a piece of your work. If you’re not doing that then I’m not sure why you are writing. I can’t write a novel, a poem, or short story without putting feeling it. I can’t even write this tip article without feeling emotions. If I don’t feel the pain of a character or have to walk away at times because of a decision I had to make in the book, then I shouldn’t be writing that story. (No characters were harmed in the creation of this article.)

Well those are my opinions. My opinions don’t mean there aren’t other ways to do it. Obviously people are doing it other ways and beings successful.

But for me and my tip today;

Don’t worry about your genre, just tell your story.

Get that genre thing out of your mind. It holds you back and is like some type of choke collar that keeps you from being creative because you think that something doesn’t fit right. No two books are alike, and no book is perfectly situated in one genre. A science fiction book, as an example has love, adventure, thriller and more in it, but it’s called science fiction because of the setting. So get out of the way of your words and write.


Much Respect



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4 thoughts on “Writing Tip: Should you try to write in a genre style?

  1. I completely understand the concept of writing the story how you want to, but so often I have heard that readers of particular genres have particular requirements. It gets so confusing! I don’t think I will ever change how I write, but I guess it will be less ‘marketable’.

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    • One thing I’ve suggested in the past, and it’s a difficult thing at times, is to write your story, and then work it to match the genre. Things are very much the same in all genres as far as relationships and the like. Once your story is done, then work in the genre details and change the setting. You can try it with a short story or two. Then once you become accustomed to it, you will writing in genre and your style as a first draft.


  2. I had a really good response and then my laptop (my very new laptop) froze up on me mid-sentence! Anyway, I started to panic at the beginning of your post because I still have a little bit of a hang up about genre when I start writing. It took me a long time to get over that and just write. I do NaNoWriMo every year and it always tripped me up- figuring out the genre of my novel.

    “So get out of the way of your words and write.” I like that!!!

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