Part 2 The L.A.W. Comes to Town: A Kiss is Just a Kiss (The disappearing Hugh saga continues.)

The continuation of The Case of the Disappearing


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Part 2: The L.A.W. Comes to Town: A Kiss is Just a Kiss


“About freakin’ time he woke up, freakin wuss,” said Frida. I was so not believin’ this one.


LAW2P2.1 - Copy
“Well you did hit him pretty hard, Cat,” said Jenna. “The poor guy doesn’t really need any more knocks on the head from what our files show.”



RonHeadDown - Copy
“Was that really necessary?” I asked, my head throbbing. And I had a strange urge to disco dance that I fought back.








“I’ll tell you when it’s necessary or not, got it?” Cat said in what I had come to know as her friendly tone. I still peed a little.
“I’ll tell you when it’s necessary or not, got it?” Cat said in what I had come to know as her friendly tone. I still peed a little.


Salvation was nearby. “His friend is in trouble and I don’t think he was expecting anything like us . . . or this,” Jen said with a wave of her hand. “Or you hitting him in that head of his so he couldn’t see the L.A.W. mobile.”


Once I stop watching her fingers waving and realized she was not talking about her hand, I had to admit she was right. The L.A.W. mobile was not exactly what I would have expected. It wasn’t like it wasn’t doing the job, but it wasn’t really suited for an extra person, and not a guy for sure. This craft was made for women and it was almost like it resented me being inside it. What was this thing made of anyway? I felt nauseous and the women were all smiling, even Cat was a little. Suddenly we were thrown against the back of our seats.








Elena - Copy
“Amira, what did you do?” Elena asked her sister from the one of the two pilot seats. I really didn’t know who was driving the thing. Would you call one sister the pilot in front of the other therefore making her the co-pilot? I didn’t think so.




I felt the craft level out. “Might have been turbulence, but let’s play it safe and turn on the cloaking system,” said Amira. I saw Elena lean forward and press something. My somewhat happy mood turned a little darker for some reason.










“What are you looking at?” Cat asked. I came to my senses and realized I was leaning on her from the sudden turbulence and was absentmindedly staring at her legs while thinking.

“I . . . um . . . sorry,” I managed as I sat back upright.


Kate2 - Copy
“Cat, let’s trade seats,” said Kate. Kate sat down and smiled at me with her head slightly to the side. “Aren’t you lucky to have such a great neighbor to keep an eye on your son B since you had to leave suddenly with no one else home?” “Oh . . . yeah, right,” I was lucky indeed.



“I said no!” Mr. Jelly Baby said. “But I need to watch it. I have to find out what happened,” said B. “My people have forbidden even his name being mentioned in our presence.” B looked at the normally jolly Mr. Jelly Baby and had no idea why he would have a problem with watching Dr. Who.





Kate3 “And that’s why my daughters had to shave the monkey,” Kate said finishing her story. I seriously needed some biscuits and gravy about now. Comfort food always helps in times like this. Hmm . . . apparently I’ve been in a lot of times like this. Is that a chandelier behind her or is she wearing a tiara?










“But what happened to the harmonica?” I asked Kate.



 Kate smiled. “Well now every time our dog Romeo sneezes . . . let’s just say he plays a little tune.”

Okay I would take a Coke with some peanuts now, anything. I wonder if Hugh put peanuts in his Coke in England. He would probably put them in tea if he did anything with them at all.

“We’re not far out now,” said Amira.

“Where?” I asked.


Elena looked back and smiled. “Texas.”



She had been thinking what I had. There had been only one person either of us who could think of who would have it in for Hugh and the British, and that person had been planning for years by hiding in plain sight in Texas. What a brilliant plan. (And when did she do the wardrobe change?)





Who is the L.A.W. after in Lubbock?

Who in Lubbock would have it in for our friend Hugh in England?

Come back next time and find out who and the reveal of why there is craziness going on all around Hugh in . .  .

Part 3 of The L.A.W. Comes to Town:

To Dunk or Not to Dunk, That is a Question.



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