Eloquence ain’t my forte.

Eloquence ain’t my forte.

Although I never seem to lack for something to say.

Be it some advice or something less nice,

I will continue on until I think my words suffice.


Look at these lines, how they seem intentionally designed.

But if truth be told, they are falling out of my head on their own.

Is there a rhyme or reason or anything to do with the season?

If that were the case then I believe my brain has lost the chase.


Now look to your left and then to your right.

If you did that and you’re alone, I imagine you are quite a sight.

Yes there is randomness in my offering today.

But as I’ve said before, just say what you would like to say.


This rhyming is not all that problematical.

In fact I find it rather interestingly grammatical.

It’s not about love or any of my usual fare.

Even I have my moments where the meanies make me not care.


Oh those meanies, blue, red or green.

All we need is love from four chaps in a yellow submarine.

Singing some songs to push our way through it.

I am sure if they had burped Suwanee River it would have been a hit.


Isn’t that fun, just writing where the words take me?

Who knew the Fab Four would be used so poetically?

Now I will end this before I get into trouble.

You know me, I am bound to burst someone’s bubble.


Much Regards and I give you Much Lovin’

From your poet The Writer known as Ronovan

ron_full_river - cropped





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2014 © Copyright-All rights reserved by ronovanwrites.wordpress.com


5 thoughts on “Eloquence ain’t my forte.

  1. “I am sure if they had burped Suwanee River it would have been a hit.”

    You just might be right about that. Regardless of what you write, I admire people who write poetry. It just doesn’t come to me. Eloquent or not, I like it!

    Liked by 1 person

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