#Blog #Tips Tag So You’re It-How to Tag your Blog Right.

Increasing traffic to your blog means increasing SEO views. Is that what this article is about? Yes and no. This is not going to be about how to intentionally seek out more views. This is going to be how to simply take what you have and let it be noticed properly with a few well chosen words and really just doing what you’re supposed to be doing already.

tag_you're_it.jpgTagging a blog article/post is a mystery to a lot of people. They have the best post ever on the planet. Then they don’t advertise it through their tagging properly. They put in a lot of obscure words or phrases. I’m here to break it down a little.

Things to Remember:

  • Don’t have too many-Stick to no more than about 13 and I mean 13. I’ve tested with a friend that was having problems and as we backed down the number of tags we finally got it to show up in the WordPress Reader.
  • Keep it mostly Basic with a few Specifics-If I have a poem I will use Poem, Poetry for certain. Some call this redundant if I have it in the category as Poetry. Not so. WordPress Reader sees my Tags. Then I describe the poem in a few words such as feelings or actions. Think of words that are used a lot. Love. Sex. Romance. Heartbreak. Humor. Pain. Sad. Happy. Sounds overly simple, right? So you go ahead and tag yours as Remorseful Angst and see how many WordPress Readers and even Search Engines are going to be looking for that.
  • When I do interviews I include the name of the Person, their Books, their Publisher, there Agent, and the genre of book and the type of availability such as Amazon or Kindle.


Don’t over complicate your tagging. You’re not writing another post in Tag form. One thing to not freak out about is-Your WordPress Reader Referral numbers will likely go down as your blog grows. Why am I mentioning this? Because I don’t want you to go and start freaking out and changing up your Tags. My Search Engine (SEO) referrals double my WordPress Reader Referral numbers. That’s really what you want anyway. Tag your things right.


There might come a time when you want to create some drop down menus on your blog much like I have done here and on Lit World Interviews especially. I actually use Tags as those drop downs and even links on pages so all of my Authors that fit a certain type of genre can easily be pulled together in one place.

 A Bonus Mention:

Do your permalink right. That’s right below where you create the title for your post/article. WordPress will automatically use the words you put in your title as your permalink. For me, that isn’t what I want. My title is sometimes a catchy thing to get your attention. But for SEO I want words they are going to look for, so I change my permalink to be instead of say Remants, which is a recent poem I wrote, I might have  put poetry-haiku-love-remnants, or something like that, I don’t really remember.


Remember this isn’t extra work for you to worry about and TRY and get extra people to show up. These things are basics you SHOULD be doing already. I am no longer a blogger looking to really go after views and readers. I did that early on because I got caught up in the madness of it all. If you do that, you will so destroy any joy you have in doing this. Have fun and your blog will grow.

I have another site that very few know of. I do no advertising other than tagging. I don’t use Twitter, Google+, Facebook nor anything else. I have about 30 followers in about a month’s time. Not a lot I know, but I am happy with it, very happy. I simply Tag my posts, permalink my posts and move on to the next day.

Blogging is supposed to be fun. If you aren’t having fun, step back and take a deep breath. And remember this; the only person you are responsible to for on your blog is you. You are the only one that needs to be happy with what you post. The only person that needs to think about when your next post will be is you. If you are getting close to the edge of pulling your hair out or just giving up blogging, check out How to Survive the Blog Life.


Much Respect


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16 thoughts on “#Blog #Tips Tag So You’re It-How to Tag your Blog Right.

  1. Great post, Ronovan! I didn’t know you could change the permalink. I don’t even know how you put SEO tags in a post yet on my new blog. If I look at my posts in the dashboard I see all the SEO areas are empty. I’m so technically challenged 😉

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  2. Great post! I’ve had people tell me I don’t use enough tags, but it seems the less I use the better my post is seen. Now, I see the connection! Sharing on Twitter!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Great tips! For me, I have been using trial and error with my tags. I often think to myself what would I be looking for to get to this awesome blog post. Then I use those search words. 🙂

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  4. So you’re a mind reader? 🙂 I know I’ve been doing an awful job with my tags and I’ve completely ignored the permalinks. Thanks for the tips! I really need to do this right and you have been such a big help getting me on track. 🙂


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