Some people change, you know?

Yeah, I know it’s not Sunday but I had a great verse given to me and wanted to share. You know sometimes you are seen as that person who wasn’t good in school or you were the fat kid or any other number of things. For the rest of your life that is who you are.

Matthew 13:58

58 And he did not do many miracles there because of their lack of faith.

change happensJesus was just seen as that carpenter’s son when he went back home. People had heard what he had done but still just couldn’t get past what they had seen of him growing up.  Imagine that.

For a lot of us out there we write. We can write just about anything. For some of us we were that quiet person that just made it through school without trouble of getting noticed. And that’s who we are still.

No one I grew up with or know would believe I write science fiction books, fantasy, historical drama, teen adventures or Romance novels. I’m still the same guy I was growing up, even to my ‘family’. For some people, if they never moved away from home for a period of time that being held to a a certain mold will crush that growing talent. For others they will leave and become this new person and when returning home they are once again who they were. Just like Jesus.

Imagine all that the world has missed out on because of people not being open to change and growth.

If you have a friend, family member or even your own child who shows a sign of being different than they were even just a week ago be open to it. My son enjoys things with me because I am open to his changing. How many 7 year old boys in the South do you know would try Sushi and like it? He’s told me the parts of a story he wants me to write someday. He does all these different things and I am always ready for the next change to happen.

I had a concussion and I am a totally different person. Well almost totally. But you can’t tell me that any longer that I am a certain something because I am reinventing myself. My original tagline for this blog site was “discovering my world one word at a time.” That’s what I do every day I write a new article or research something. Notice I am not rediscovering, I am discovering. I’m not looking back, I am looking forward.

Be open to all who show change because change happens. If you aren’t open you might miss out on something amazing.


Much Respect


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7 thoughts on “Some people change, you know?

  1. Your turn to write a post about me! Over the years I’ve learned that some people want you to stay exactly the same as they have always judged you to be, so they don’t have to look at themselves too closely… It seems to be a bit like chaos theory – when you change, it inevitably changes the dynamic of your relationship with other people, effectively forcing change on them which they sometimes resist with surprising force. I try to remind myself that their narrow-minded insistence on keeping me stuck in the restrictive little pigeon-hole they had assigned for me is more about their own insecurity in life than about me and my own reality… Great post, and a timely reminder at this time of year when underlying family tensions can often rise to the surface… 🙂

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