RonovanWrites Weekly #Photography #Haiku Challenge #24 Smile&Shine


Welcome to PhotoKu!


I am seriously excited about this new direction the challenge is taking. Some great people involved have made suggestions and I have listened. I have looked at the great photography of everyone and decided I limited people in what they could do. Then one suggested the name PhotoKu, or at least I think they did. Now one said why not give a verb and a noun as the challenge instead of two nouns. In all honesty I didn’t even realize I had started doing that.


The rules are simple: For how to write a Haiku in English and using the 5/7/5 syllable pattern click here. I know you will be using photography but you need to have the Haiku in words at some point.

I prefer no words or numbers of any kind to appear in the images you use. This includes sign language . . . of any kind. I believe this forces one to be more creative.

Below is my original example of how to do a haiku with images. People have become a lot more creative with using their photography. This is just to show you a basic layout and give you an idea of how things might look. Check out our previous participants to see how it’s really done.

Visit Blog it or Lose it and Through the Eye of Bastet to see how you might can do this.

Moon Shadow of a Woman Tango DancersHeartbeat Stumbling Sign Man Falling Men Going in a BuildingHands in Shape of Heart Two arms with infinity tattoos

This is an example of one I created.

The Haiku was:

Moon Shadow Dancers

Heartbeats Stumble, falling in

Love Infinity

I know, not the best but it was better then the first one I posted.

Here’s the challenge;

  • You create your own PhotoKu before Noon on the Sunday following the posting of this challenge,
  • Then either post a link in the comments here for everyone that visits to go see and/or ping back (copy the URL for this post into your Haiku post) to this post in your Haiku post.

I will read it and comment on it. Once I comment come get the badge.


The Prompt Words are:


What do the words mean to you, and how can you connect the two words through that second line?


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