Disabled, Disgruntled and Disenchanted-The WordPress Stats Page

Thank you WordPress for making it more difficult for me to see my stats with this new stats page. You asked for my feedback and I explained how with my hands how scrolling is difficult and is actually becoming more and more difficult as time goes by.

Now you have made it so the View Old Stats Page option is at the very bottom of the screen. I am not as interested in my stats as I once was but I do look at them to see how things are at times and to do research for blog posts and blog tips.

I guess there will be less posts of that nature after the current one I am working on. Perhaps you just wish for some of us to stop posting all together. Some of us use voice to text software just to do posts in the first place. Yes, you have disabled people using your platform. Or you have had. Maybe you will have fewer as time goes by.


Ronovan Writes


9 thoughts on “Disabled, Disgruntled and Disenchanted-The WordPress Stats Page

  1. As a PWD, I’ve complained and explained, too. I also happen to know how easy it would be for them to accommodate our disabilities. Note to those twentysomething techies: not every person with gray hair is a clueless “silver surfer”: I was writing line code for input and output before the last two generations of users were born.

    Who do they think invented the dang machines, in the first place?

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  2. I do not like the new stats page either. I like being able to look at the summaries for the different sections, such as being able to look at the ‘All-time’ list for my posts to see overall how my posts are doing.

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