The continuation of disenchantment.

As I attempt to go through my Notifications of the nice people that have liked, commented and reblogged my posts here on Ronovan Writes and other blogs I  have, I find that WordPress has made yet another change. Yes, it has been one they have tinkered with for a split second as they, I imagine, tested and then reverted to the Notifications we have known in recent times, read as for at least the time I’ve been blogging.

Now instead of seeing a straight forward notification where I am able to click and the item pop out to the side, now it is a new, how best may I describe it? A new Notification window maybe comes up and then I must now click on the Notification icon at the top to close then click again to open. Now with as large a view of the Notification entries along with but a brief few words of the comments made  I see less Notifications at one time. Also the View All Notifications is now missing. That might have made it easier, but perhaps because they have removed the, as I will call it, side out option, as oppose to a drop down option when you click something, yes, a side out option when you choose something is what we had, but with it gone I cannot even try to use that to make my life and hands and arms easier.

Now my disenchantment includes:

  • The new Stats Page and no ability to select a desired default of old or new version
  • A less user friendly Notifications

One thing I do want to say is that considering this is a free blogging platform I am not unappreciative of being able to blog without having to pay, yet. I may go premium at some point if I ever find the finances to do so. I would like that I think. However, we bloggers, the free bloggers are what make WordPress the huge success and leader it is in the blogging world.

To any WordPress employee that might read this I have some things to say. Change is not always good. I had not heard of anyone unhappy with the various things you have been changing. For people that are really into blogging, it’s not about the cool or the pretty, it’s about seeing what we need to see and being able to easily connect to those who connect with us. You’ve made that more difficult.

As for me, with my difficulty using my hands you are making it more and more difficult for me to use your platform. I love the  WordPress community and will continue here for as long as possible, but if I can’t blog then I can’t blog.

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24 thoughts on “The continuation of disenchantment.

  1. I concur like a doctor! Even I find the new notifications thing horrid. you used to be able to open a separate window just for them…. I’m gonna find the correct place and lodge a complaint this sucks.

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  2. Well said.
    Overall I find the amount of recent fixing of things that were not broken, quite frustrating.
    I don’t like the new reader, I don’t like the new stats page, and this morning my notifications page simply won’t even load.
    I’m not against change either. It’s just that I don’t see how any of these recent changes is actually better than what existed before.
    I too hesitate to complain because as you say, it allows us to do this for free, but if it becomes too difficult to use, many will simply stop.

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  3. The new notification also annoys me. And I am not a free user, so even us Premium people have to put up with this. I never understand that platforms want so badly to “improve” and only make changes that make their use more difficult.


  4. WordPress has quirks that are annoying but as you stated, it’s hard to complain about something I’m not paying for in the first place.

    My #1 gripe is that the iPhone app sometimes displays no web traffic data, or displays different data than the full website version.

    I’m ok with changes that solve a problem, but change just for the sake of change is usually a step backwards.

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  5. If what I’ve heard is true about switching to premium (if that means leaving the lowly generic dot-com URL, and buying the one that supposedly indicates you’re “serious” about the “image” your blog address conveys), you just end up doing more of your own DIY customization (i.e., reprogramming the software) in order to manage your site (typically by hiring a tech guru to do it for you). One of those less-is-more approaches: less work and more upfront money for WP, but more expense and work for you, when you’d rather be blogging or getting that book done. I don’t feel sorry for WP for their “giving away” a free blog platform: they get to take it off their taxes, and they get free use of our journalism, within which they insert the advertising they’ve sold, unless we pay them not to do it. They don’t care if people (disabled or not) who prefer the old-format notifications, stats, and blog editor quit WP, because they believe there will be plenty of phone-bloggers to take our places.

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