Fallin’ but got up. And a blog tip thrown in.

The infinite days of the finite ways draw me down and bind like stays.

Those are words that came to me as I started typing the word ‘The’. I often let the words flow for a moment to see where my mind is. I have found through blogging you get the most out of your life by letting your life out.

That’s what real blogging is about, letting parts of your life out onto a screen for people to read. Why we think we’re that interesting is beyond me. But the truth is we connect with each other because we like to know we’re not the only ones out there like this.

On Monday I feel again. Some of you know my story. Well it happened again but not so tragic. I am comfortably–um, strike that. I am sitting in my bed covered with a faux fur leopard print sherpa and a tin of caramel popcorn for breakfast. No, I don’t intend to eat the entire tin. At least not for breakfast. It’s a small one; I’ll be okay.

Disasters in your life make you sit back and think. Sometimes you find yourself lying down and thinking. Or leaning forward and thinking. I can’t stay in one position very long so I am all over the place.

So, I fell. Hit my head again. Makes you wonder about things. What if I had hit it just right and Blog World was gone from memory? I’m sure I would find my way back here soon enough but I can only imagine what I would be like.

Yes, I said faux fur leopard print sherpa, Hugh. And no you can’t have it.

I am NOT writing this for sympathy words or anything like that. I’m just blogging, the old fashioned way. The migraines are spiking right now so posts may be a little slim for a time, but knowing me I will have things out like usual. I have things in drafts I may pull out.

Blog Tip: Hold things in reserve. You don’t have to post everything you write. If you keep some things in your drafts then you can pull them out to post when you get in that situation of not being able to write something that is entertaining.

On that note, if you are around about 7:00 PM tonight Eastern Time or New York City Time, check out Hugh’s blog for my next guest post as I help out during his MIA moments. You can see mine from yesterday by clicking here. If you are hesitant, just think, it’s to help Hugh out, not me. Get Hugh some views and maybe even follow his blog if you’re not already. The 7 PM post? I’ll just say it’s Pure Love. I hope to please.








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8 thoughts on “Fallin’ but got up. And a blog tip thrown in.

  1. We all fall, but then we get up and dust ourselves off and try again. But you literally fell and there you are writing beautiful blog posts for your buddy Hugh. I don’t even know what to say to that. You are an inspiration to us all. (hugs)

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  2. OMG!!!! I am glad that you are alright. Do you need me to help you with anything? Let me know. Hang in there and I want the leopard print sherpa! I have Hugh my platform shoes so he is good. Take care. Thinking of you.<3


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