Ronovan Writes Weekend Mick Flick. Do you feel Serendipity this week?

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I suppose you might want to know what a Mick Flick is. Well every man fears, actually dreads two words; Chick Flick. That’s right, we know what it means. Romance, tears and we are deemed as failures either because we are men or because we aren’t the men in that, dare I say it, RomCom.

Instead of Chick Flicks, men need an alternative. And this is something we men need to embrace and women, you should as well and you may find date nights become a whole new experience.

The alternative? Rooster Flicks? No. I don’t even like saying Chick Flicks so giving it some form of relevance by actually calling the alternative as Rooster doesn’t work for me. And with the various possible definitions one could give to Rooster based ones mindset and locale, I am just not going there. No, Male Chick Flick. That’s right, the Mick Flick.

What constitutes a Mick Flick?

  • It needs a touch of humor if it doesn’t have action.
  • It needs to tug the heartstrings in some way, with a message or something.
  • And yeah, an attractive female lead might work out, but it’s not completely necessary. Oh, you don’t believe me on this one? I shall prove you wrong, although attractiveness is in the eye of the beholder. For me it is the eye of the personality. Pretty lady, ugly personality equals scary run the other way. Yeah, NOT attractive.

Today’s Mick Flick is:



Another Cromedy this week. Starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale.

Imagine a girl writing her name and phone number inside a book and you writing yours on a $5 bill and then hoping you both end up finding the other at some point and reunite, leaving your future to ‘fate’. Sounds like a movie just waiting to aggravate the popcorn out of you to me, but it isn’t. There are humorous moments and yeah, aggravating moments but in truth the fate part isn’t what makes this a must watch for men.
It’s the search that is what I fell for in this film. Years pass by but they both keep an eye out for the bill and the book until it comes to a point of now or never. That’s where this movie wins me. Do you leave your love to fate or do you want to have a hand in what happens?

So the significant one in the relationship is saying, “Ronovan, last week you had My Big Fat Greek Wedding and that was okay. At least there was an old man squirting Windex on everything. But now you are going serious Rom with a little less Com. No way is this happening.” Step and let me get the BroJo going.

Men, why you need to watch this movie.

First up you got Kate Beckinsale. British accent had has made a living out of playing a hot vampire warrior in the Underworld movies. I mean the accent alone got me. Let me recover for a moment.

Okay, so not enough? Add in Eugene Levy as the opportunistic salesclerk who takes Cusack’s character, Jonathan Trager for everything he’s got and then there is Jonathan’s best friend, the writer. Yeah, writes of obituaries! And they all go chasing around to find an address.

So what is the message here? I guess it depends on your take on it. Do you see it as fate will bring you together, or the two are working it so it all happens, or do you get the message of if it feels right then don’t screw it up by doing some stupid carp stuff like writing your name in things to see if on let me see, FATE will make it work out.

Okay, okay, oaky. I’m good now. I’ll leave it to you to pick what you think the answer is and I would give you which one I think it is. Oh, and I didn’t tell you how it ended. Bet you will be surprised.


Now to the ranking of the movie:

I like a movie with good acting, no matter the type, see, type, not genre, type. Yes, I like a lot of commas. Even commas that aren’t supposed to be there.

Good acting Yes

Attractive Female Lead – YEAH! This week we have the looks, the accent, and the personality. Sigh. Did I mention her eyes and her accent? No? Okay. She has eyes and an accent.

Insane Characters – Yes. Eugene Levy, I mean do I have to say more. Okay, so there is also John Corbett again this week. He plays Lars, Kate Beckinsale’s famous freaky musical instrument playing finace.

Humor – Eugene Levy really is the humor in the film. Molly Shannon plays Beckinsale’s character, Sara Thomas’ best friend and there is some fun there as well. But Levy nails it.

Bodily Harm No. Not really any.

Food Humor –  No. Don’t think this one has the food humor from what I can remember.


Good Message Yes. This week is a for sure yes. For one you can take whatever message you want from it.

Tear Moment No major tear moments here. Maybe just one but not like major..

Male Lead is Not Made Out to Be Stupid: – I’m torn here. He let Beckinsale’s character walk out on a $5 bet. I mean, really, dude, that’s stupid to me. But overall he’s not. He’s a pretty smart guy. I guess he is. Then again he get’s taken to the cleaners by a salesclerk. Hmm. Wow. Still in limbo on this one.

Cuddle Taco Bonus – OH YEAH!!! CTB BABY!

So on the Taco Scale of 10 Tacos being awesome  and 1 being like tacos without the meat, cheese or sauce,today’s Mick Flick receives:

 6 out of 10 Tacos. With CTB that make it a 7 Taco Meal, not a Feast but you won’t go hungry.

Honestly, this is one of my favorite movies. And when I originally gave it a personal score I gave it a 9. But I had to stick to the Mick Ticks, and there you have it.

That’s my Cromedy Recommendation for this weekend. What movie can you think of that meets the Mick Flick requirements? I already have future movies in a list so don’t be surprised if you end up seeing your idea in a future post.

Much Respect and Much Cuddling for you This Weekend,







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8 thoughts on “Ronovan Writes Weekend Mick Flick. Do you feel Serendipity this week?

  1. It’s one of my fav feel-good movies… oops, did I just let the cat out of the bag on how it ends? 🙂 mmm, always wondered about that saying ‘cat out of the bag’…research time… yeah, so, truly enjoyable movie. John Cusack is cute, don’t you think?


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