Ronovan Writes Weekend Mick Flick. Do you have The Game Plan for this weekend?

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I suppose you might want to know what a Mick Flick is. Well every man fears, actually dreads two words; Chick Flick. That’s right, we know what it means. Romance, tears and we are deemed as failures either because we are men or because we aren’t the men in that, dare I say it, RomCom.

Instead of Chick Flicks, men need an alternative. And this is something we men need to embrace and women, you should as well and you may find date nights become a whole new experience.

The alternative? Rooster Flicks? No. I don’t even like saying Chick Flicks so giving it some form of relevance by actually calling the alternative as Rooster doesn’t work for me. And with the various possible definitions one could give to Rooster based ones mindset and locale, I am just not going there. No, Male Chick Flick. That’s right, the Mick Flick.

What constitutes a Mick Flick?

  • It needs a touch of humor if it doesn’t have action.
  • It needs to tug the heartstrings in some way, with a message or something.
  • And yeah, an attractive female lead might work out, but it’s not completely necessary. Oh, you don’t believe me on this one? I shall prove you wrong, although attractiveness is in the eye of the beholder. For me it is the eye of the personality. Pretty lady, ugly personality equals scary run the other way. Yeah, NOT attractive.

Today’s Mick Flick is:

The Game Plan

dwayne johnson

Dwayne Johnson (Joe Kingman)

Madison Pettis (Peyton Kelly)

Roselyn Sanchez (Monique Vasquez)

IMDB 6.2/10 over 37,000 users.


Another Cromedy this week. Starring

The Rock not being the Rock, not smelling what the Rock is cooking or kicking someone’s candy grass. Makes you wonder why in the world even bother. In all honesty, if you’ve seen him kick one guy’s grass you’ve pretty much seen him kick everyone else.

This movie has Johnson as Joe Kingman, the perfect quarterback with the ego to match trying to make it to the championship. That’s when he’s give a play that deflates balls quicker than a ball boy in a restroom. (An aside, not that I believe any of that nor do I care. That’s for those who got the joke.)

Enter little Peyton Kelly played by Madison Pettis. Kelly is the daughter that Kingman never knew about. Her mother has died and she has come in search of her dad. Kingman of course does the right thing and takes the kid in.

Of course you know what’s going to happen. Yep, he melts. They meet Monique Vasquez and all sorts of things start confusing the King and changes his world.

I won’t give away any more than that. Grabbed me was the father daughter relationship and realizations. There are moments that are nailed. Some people don’t like the Disney sentimentalism that runs through some of their movies, but they really had Kingman near the end of the movie showing the feelings, the thoughts, and the results of what being a father is. Even if it is for a daughter you never knew.


Now time for the BroJo to get going.

Men, why you need to watch this movie.

Guys, seriously, what makes you want to go the move in the first place? You want some action, you want something nice to look at, and you want to cheer. Dudes, I got ya wid dis one.

Now to the ranking of the movie:

Good acting – This is a tough one. There are some great acting moments where things are conveyed so well. Do I ever forget I am seeing the Rock? No. But that really isn’t possible. Actually it is but that’s a whole other movie. I think everyone plays their part right. Johnson progresses through the film. We see a little of the inside the life of a superstar quarterback. So in the long run I will give this a Yes.

Attractive Female Lead – Roselyn Sanchez is gorgeous. But little Madison Pettis is so adorable that she steals it. You would die for that little girl. Yes.
Insane Characters – Hmm. There is Spike the bulldog who is hilarious at times. And Kyra Sedgwick, who plays Kingman’s agent, does some crazy things. But insane characters? No.
Humor – Again we have Spike. There is also the bedazzled football scene and several scenes really. Not sure what it is about putting Johnson in a tutu directors seem to want to do. Makes me question the directors a little. Yes.

Bodily Harm – It’s football. You got it. Yes.

Food Humor – I can’t think of any food humor at the moment. Just the opposite actually. So giving this a No.

Action – You have football scenes and an emergency scene during the movie. Yes.

Good Message – Love will find a way. I think for the heart there is a good message, Yes. For a parent and life perspectives, Yes. For children and how Peyton ends up with Kingman, No. But this being about being a Mick Flick, I’ll give it a Yes.

Tear Moment – I’m crying now thinking about a couple of scenes. But don’t worry guys it’s not in a bad way. So that’s a Yes.

Male Lead is Not Made Out to Be Stupid: – Well, I want to say people try to make Kingman look stupid at times but overall he’s not. He pulls off the father thing slowly but surely and even along the way he might not do things like most parents do but he gets the job done. We have a Yes.

Cuddle Taco Bonus (CTB) – I don’t know that this is a cuddle movie. It might be an ‘aww, baby, it’s okay, it’s just a movie’ here and there, but cuddling? I say No. So no bonus Taco this week.

So on the Taco Scale of 10 Tacos being awesome  and 1 being like tacos without the meat, cheese or sauce,today’s Mick Flick receives:

 8 out of 10 Tacos. Fiesta Time. But without that CTB you still might end up with Siesta Time afterwards, if you know what I mean.


Honestly, 8 out of 10 is a surprise. But my rating is based on the appeal to a generalized male audience. So significant others out there reading this you’ve got the Rock in a unitard and your man happy to be there.

That’s my Cromedy Recommendation for this weekend. What movie can you think of that meets the Mick Flick requirements? I already have future movies in a list so don’t be surprised if you end up seeing your idea in a future post. Leave a comment and let me know your pick.

Much Respect and Much Cuddling for you This Weekend,








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