The Power of the Blog


There is something amazing about having a blog, you can reach more people than you ever could in person. Some of you are thinking, “No way, Dude, I ain’t got that many followers.” You have more reading you than you have followers. Some just don’t follow or can’t follow.

But what do you do with that reach?

  • Some people spread their ideas of how things should be.
  • Some use it for business purposes.
  • Some use it for diatribes and hate.
  • Some use it for helping and loving.

I generally use my blog to share what I think or my tips or perhaps someone I stumble across that seems cool to me. But then something happens and I want to help. The thought that does not run through my mind is, “Should I do this, should I risk alienating my followers and watch my number plummet?”

The answer lies within you what to do and the purpose of your blog. If you are a business venture of some sort you might not go for the risk. I get that.

For me? I’m still surprised I  have followers at all. I never even thought I would have any let alone the number I have, which is nowhere near what some of the older and bigger blogs have. But I feel that when a need arises I have to step up.

Using me as an example.

So I am the example I will use here. People see your first attempt at helping in something and things go okay, but then they quickly tire of it. It happens. Numbers begin to drop. Do I worry?

I only worry because I want my new updates on the situation to reach people. But I keep moving along. When do you stop discussing the need for help? When the need for help is no longer there. If you are a numbers freak, don’t look at the numbers. Write with your heart.

Do not wait to help,

As the winds of fate spread word,

Move to those in need.

There are several ways you can get a message across. That Haiku is one way. It actually uses the prompt words from my Haiku Challenge this week. Write a post and include the need for help at the end. Or you can write straight forward the need for help. It’s up to you.

How do you get the need across?

  • Write different types of posts with different headings.
  • Write a normal post and mention the need at the end.
  • Mention the need within a post if it is natural and not forced.
  • Ask people to share your post of need with others.

Will this help your blog or hurt it? In the long run it helps. People know who and what you are. They know you have heart. They know you are real. They know you aren’t here for the purpose of trying to write for number of views or likes (read traffic to your blog). New people find you because of it.

Do NOT do help posts to get new readers. Do it because you NEED to and you CARE. Fake help posts are quickly spotted and it backfires on you.

How do you use these same ideas if you are an Author?

Now although this has been a post about using your blog for helping you can take these same tips for boosting say a book promotion if you are an author.

  • Write a post and at the end mention the book you want to get noticed.
  • Use yourself as an example in the post you are writing if it is makes sense and mention the book if it makes sense.
  • Use the tips mentioned above as well.

Blogging to help others or to sell your book that you desperately need to in order to pay bills, just remember that title is important. Mix it up because you want people to come inside and read and SEE the need. A heading can turn people off.

This has been a Blog Tip of an unusual nature but one that is timely for me. It’s good to use your blog for a BETTER GOOD sometimes. When the Numbers Game becomes more important that the Caring Game then you might as well stop blogging because something has messed you up inside.






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7 thoughts on “The Power of the Blog

  1. Great advice!! I am kind of disheartened already although I have been blogging seriously only for the last two months. My direction is vague I feel. One has to be focused about the purpose of the blog.


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