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I suppose you might want to know what a Mick Flick is. Well every man fears, actually dreads two words; Chick Flick. That’s right, we know what it means. Romance, tears and we are deemed as failures either because we are men or because we aren’t the men in that, dare I say it, RomCom.

Instead of Chick Flicks, men need an alternative. And this is something we men need to embrace and women, you should as well and you may find date nights become a whole new experience.

The alternative? Rooster Flicks? No. I don’t even like saying Chick Flicks so giving it some form of relevance by actually calling the alternative as Rooster doesn’t work for me. And with the various possible definitions one could give to Rooster based ones mindset and locale, I am just not going there. No, Male Chick Flick. That’s right, the Mick Flick.

What constitutes a Mick Flick?

  • It needs a touch of humor if it doesn’t have action.
  • It needs to tug the heartstrings in some way, with a message or something.
  • And yeah, an attractive female lead might work out, but it’s not completely necessary. Oh, you don’t believe me on this one? I shall prove you wrong, although attractiveness is in the eye of the beholder. For me it is the eye of the personality. Pretty lady, ugly personality equals scary run the other way. Yeah, NOT attractive.

Today’s Mick Flick is:

The Quiet Man

john wayne

John Wayne (Sean Thornton)

Maureen O’Hara (Mary Kate Danaher)

Barry Fitzgerald (Michaleen Oge Flynn)

Victor McLaglen (Squire “Red” Will Danaher)

IMDB 8/10 over 23,000 users.


Another Cromedy this week. Starring

John Wayne being, well somewhat un-John Wayne. And Maureen O’Hara being very much Maureen O’Hara. I imagine it’s possible the ladies saw John Wayne’s name and instantly turned away. Well they are missing out. This is not your typical John Wayne fare.

Sean Thornton, from America, has decided to return home to the place of his birth in Ireland and retire to a quiet, peaceful life. Do you hear the birds singing and the Irish music now? No? That’s because if it were that perfect it wouldn’t make much of a movie.

Enter Mary Kate Danaher, the sister of Squire “Red” Will Danaher. The two are more alike than either care to admit. Strong minded, opinionated, and independent. When Mary Kate and Sean meet we set off on a tale of clashes in personalities, emotions, and traditions.

You get to see Ireland in all it’s beauty. I tell you the movie is worth watching just for those scenes.

There is one scene where some might have a problem with Sean dragging Mary Kate over the land but it’s at times humorous and done for a good reason. So no one get mad at the movie. Keep going.

You have it all here from Cromedy to Action, but modestly so. It’s a build up and worth every moment of the wait.

Now time for the BroJo to get going.

Men, why you need to watch this movie.

Guys, you’ve got fights, comedy, and those stare down moments we all like. You know John Wayne can kick anyone’s um, behind, and you just wait for it. Of course then the pitch fork gets involved and things change a little.

Now to the ranking of the movie:

Good acting: I’ll tell you the honest truth here and no exaggerating. John Ford really brought out the best in Wayne and not the over the top “Duke” we all know. The title The Quiet Man means something for real. He brings out the chemistry that unites Wayne and O’Hara in a number of movies. Fitzgerald’s comedy, McLaglen being McLaglen, Ward Bond showing up as a fishing loving Father Loneran bring all of this movie together for about as perfect of a movie as you will find. I say that without having only just started the rating. Click here for some Google photos of John Wayne in The Quiet Man, not a website. Yes.

Attractive Female Lead: Maureen O’Hara has always been one of those classic beauties that you just can’t help but say wow when the camera catches those certain moments. I don’t think the movie does her as much justice in this aspect but then she is playing a woman in a small place in Ireland. If you can’t quite place her, she played John Candy’s mother in the movie Only the Lonely. Click here  to see some photos of her on Google, not a website. Yes.

Insane Characters: Michaleen is a crazy match making Irishman whose horse knows to stop at the pub even when not prompted to. Will Danaher is entertaining in his over the top insanity of being an overbearing big brother whose jealous of Thornton. Then you have the gambling leader of the local ministry. Yes.

Humor: See the Insane Characters. There is humor everwhere, even during the final moment everyone is waiting for. Yes.

Bodily Harm: It’s John Wayne and McLaglen. There has to be some damage. And I won’t mention the poor bed during the honeymoon. Yes.

Food Humor: There are uses of some liquids at times that are humorous and exasperating in their predictability but that makes them even funnier because you see it on the face of the actors. No.

Action: It’s John Wayne. You have to give the audience at least a taste of what they expect. But in this case it’s not just what you expect. There is a pivotal horse racing scene as well that makes things happen to set off the course of events. Yes.

Good Message: I’ve talked about Wayne so far. Love is the overall message here. But there is a lot that leads up to the realization that love is the important thing. A woman’s rights and wants are show and her not backing down in regards to them. O’Hara was the perfect woman for this part. This may not have been the first women’s rights movie but it did deliver a message. Yes.

Tear Moment: Hmm. I think Sean’s and Mary Kate’s troubles when they finally come to a head do make one well up a touch. There is also that moment when Thornton has finally had enough. You’ve been waiting for it for so long you get those tears of joy. Yes.

Male Lead is Not Made Out to Be Stupid: Wayne is not stupid in this movie. He is obviously intelligent. He invested in his past and was able to retire to Ireland at a youngish age. Plus he does not play the games that are against his beliefs. Not religious beliefs but his beliefs in life. Yes.

Cuddle Taco Bonus (CTB): You know I wish I could give this a Bonus Taco but in truth, I don’t see it happening. I mean there might be a chance, but I don’t see it.

So on the Taco Scale of 10 Tacos being awesome  and 1 being like tacos without the meat, cheese or sauce,today’s Mick Flick receives:

 10 out of 10 Tacos.

All You Can Eat.

 That’s my Cromedy Recommendation for this weekend. What movie can you think of that meets the Mick Flick requirements? I already have future movies in a list so don’t be surprised if you end up seeing your idea in a future post. Leave a comment and let me know your pick.

Much Respect and Much Cuddling for you This Weekend,








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6 thoughts on “Ronovan Writes Weekend Mick Flick. You need to be The Quiet Man.

  1. Good Morning Ron,

    I liked JOHN WAYNE as an actor, but after watching “THE GREEN BERETS”, and based on what DAVID JANSSEN told me about him, as a man . . . I never saw another movie he made. This one though, sounds like a good movie, and based on your Review, I will watch it



  2. Hell yes! I really kind of despise John Wayne and that stick that is so obviously shoved up his butt, but (ha) he does really well in this movie. As for Maureen O’Hara, I want a time machine just to go back and woo that redheaded goddess. You nailed it, the movie is great and the ministers as subtle comedy relief is just brilliant. Great acting, great story, great cinematography, the movie is a classic.

    Liked by 1 person

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