Ronovan Writes Weekend Mick Flick. Do you have Six Days Seven Nights? One will do.

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I suppose you might want to know what a Mick Flick is. Well every man fears, actually dreads two words; Chick Flick. That’s right, we know what it means. Romance, tears and we are deemed as failures either because we are men or because we aren’t the men in that, dare I say it, RomCom.

Instead of Chick Flicks, men need an alternative. And this is something we men need to embrace and women, you should as well and you may find date nights become a whole new experience.

The alternative? Rooster Flicks? No. I don’t even like saying Chick Flicks so giving it some form of relevance by actually calling the alternative as Rooster doesn’t work for me. And with the various possible definitions one could give to Rooster based ones mindset and locale, I am just not going there. No, Male Chick Flick. That’s right, the Mick Flick.

What constitutes a Mick Flick?

  • It needs a touch of humor if it doesn’t have action.
  • It needs to tug the heartstrings in some way, with a message or something.
  • And yeah, an attractive female lead might work out, but it’s not completely necessary. Oh, you don’t believe me on this one? I shall prove you wrong, although attractiveness is in the eye of the beholder. For me it is the eye of the personality. Pretty lady, ugly personality equals scary run the other way. Yeah, NOT attractive.

Today’s Mick Flick is:

Six Days Seven Nights


Harrison Ford (Quinn Harris)

  Anne Heche (Robin Monroe)

IMDB 5.7/10 over 55,000 users.


Cromedy this week.

I look at this somewhat as a send off of Father Goose with Cary Grant and Leslie Caron, but a very sad excuse for one as far as that goes. Being that is a thinly veiled one that was afraid to come out and be said to be one. On its own merits Six Days is a pretty decent movie. I don’t know what the score is yet as I write this. You have a middle aged Quinn Harris who is living the quiet life in the South Pacific islands until fashion journalist Robin Monroe shows up with her boyfriend for a vacation and ends up hiring Quinn for a plane ride to a fashion even her boss talks her into. A storm hits. Pirates. Dancers. Too much to drink. You get the picture? Well if you have got the picture already then watch it again.

Now time for the BroJo to get going.

Men, why you need to watch this movie.

You’ve got Harrison Ford doing some comedy, some action, and being a sarcastic, straight speaking sort of guy we all want to be like. Plus the island dancing girl for the cheap sex appeal thing. It’s a gimmick but funny for its over the top cheapness.

Now to the ranking of the movie:

Good acting: With Ford you know you’re going to get good acting. Heche? She does fairly well although I don’t think she quite holds her own with Ford. But do they make me believe? Yes.

Attractive Female Lead: Not a Anne Heche fan. And not because of the psychological problems she’s had and things like that. Just not a big fan of hers in general. She does do well in the role here as far as acting and a convincing job, her first real big time role. No.

Insane Characters: Angelica, the local island girl is a bit nuts I think. Well she’s not so much. She knows what she is doing when going after Robin Monroe’s fiancé Ross, I mean David Schwimmer. Yes.

Humor: Definitely some humor here. Yes.

Bodily Harm: Fights, guns, pirates, plane crashes. Yes.

Food Humor: Don’t think so. No.

Action: Yes. See Bodily Harm. Yes.

Good Message: Age ain’t a thing when your heart’s feels that zing. Yes.

Tear Moment: Nah, two weeks wid out da teards. Show me some love guys. I mean fist bump, power five, germaphobe handshake. No.

Male Lead is Not Made Out to Be Stupid: Other than falling for Heche, Ford’s character is cool. Angelica of Heche? Okay, okay, overall he’s smart. Yes.

Cuddle Taco Bonus: I’ll say no this week. I mean it could be if late enough and tired enough, bt that ain’t the CTB we be talkin’ about here.

So on the Taco Scale of 10 Tacos being awesome and 1 being like tacos without the meat, cheese or sauce,today’s Mick Flick receives:

 7 out of 10 Tacos.

I would get the bean dip and the guac this week, guys

I think 7 Tacos is about right. A couple of categories were a close yes so this was a very weak 7 with more like a mid to strong 6 Tacos.

That’s my Cromedy Recommendation for this weekend. What movie can you think of that meets the Mick Flick requirements? I already have future movies in a list so don’t be surprised if you end up seeing your idea in a future post. Leave a comment and let me know your pick.

Much Respect and Much Cuddling for you This Weekend, well, if you leave out the bean dip.








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One thought on “Ronovan Writes Weekend Mick Flick. Do you have Six Days Seven Nights? One will do.

  1. Anne Heche’s fleeting run as a leading lady, buoyed by her fifteen minutes of Ellen-centric fame. I’d love to meet Harrision Ford and gushh, “I loved you in six days, seven nights” just to watch him blush in shame.

    Liked by 1 person

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