Do you Know an Anthem Writer of the Next Generation?

Here is my guest post on Meanings and Musings, my friend Florence Thum’s blog. She is part of the Team over at LitWorldInterviews. Please go and check it out.


Songwriting is an incredibly satisfying process. If you think about it, if you write songs, you are being inspired by people like Beethoven. Beethoven has an impact on today’s music unlike how you might suspect. If you trace back through time the artist you are being inspired by now, you will eventually get back to people like Beethoven. People like Taylor Swift or Katy Perry could trace their influences back.

Each generation of music impacts the next. And each generation attempts to find some way of putting their mark, their fingerprints on the music of the day, and then their music impacts the next person to listen.

There are music acts I may not like, but when I listen to the music itself I may find just a little something, a beat, just a bit of a line that then sends me to writing lyrics. I won’t know anything about…

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