A quick update. I posted the Haiku Review and things I have because that’s my responsibility to do so. It’s what I do each week and unless I am actually in the hospital I will do what I can.

The Review took all day when it normally takes a few hours.

I had the Widgets article basically complete last week and it would have gone out Friday.

I am not healed. I am not better than I was yesterday. I am still highly medicated. I blog as I can because it keeps me going.

So if I do not respond to things, or come across as short at times, forgive me in advance. I’ll get better eventually.



21 thoughts on “Update.

  1. No worries… you is just needin’ a little “me” time is all and there is nothing wrong with that! Allow your body to do what it needs to to to bring you back to the best YOU!

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  2. You are so thoughtful to keep us all posted on your progress. Missing you very much but understand. Rest is so important. Everyone here in your blogging family is sending healing energy to you. Keep checking in and absorb the love from everyone, it will help heal your body! Xoxo

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  3. RON, You are wise enough to know your HEALTH must be your main concern, and believe it or not, your HEALTH is important to me and all of your fans/readers! So, be as short as you need to be, just to let us all know you are making progress in regaining your health! Prayers for YOU, my friend.



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