Be Original (A Poem)

You want a poem, that’s not the norm?
You came to the right place to be slapped in the face.
Here are the words that go down as they come.
Today it’s the Lost Mind which they are from.
You say you got game but all you do is blame.
Bring on a word, something I haven’t heard.
Cry me a river is a song of tears, it’s the one Britney’s PR team fears.
The girl gone cheating, now whose albums are beating?
Old hat, my mind’s a ding bat, I like my cat, but you done known that.
Is it life, of strife, a back stabbed knife, I will keep to survive?
I ain’t rhyming, to keep the timing, for the pale faced miming, the poetic climbing.
Stay in your cave, behave, don’t be a slave to the rave or you lose to the suck-up tidal wave.
Stretch yourself to the limit so you know you are here to stay and are in it to win it.
Staying in one place, keeps you perplexed and vexed with a smirk on their face.
You’re scratching your head, wondering what it is I said, cause you can’t understand the way the words you’ve been fed.
It’s okay that you don’t know, because I ain’t here to put on a show, I love to put words down that flow.

Let’s connect.

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One thought on “Be Original (A Poem)

  1. Reblogged this on Michaelphelps1's Blog and commented:
    AWESOME . . . YES, Ron . . . you had me scratching my head . . . ’bout what you said . . . glad to know you like your cat . . . cause my cat likes me too . . . but you done known that . . . my new pupply likes me . . . ‘course you knew that too.

    HAPPY EASTER to you and your family, including your cat.


    Liked by 2 people

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