England Comics Creators at home and their US invasion. #AtoZChallenge

The Letter E Image for the A To Z Blogging Challenge.I attempted to do a few other countries, saving this one for another letter. I knew I couldn’t get away with a series on comic book creators without England. It was going to be under Great Britain. Due to the political nature and sensitivity of another country I attempted, but learned a great deal about, I decided the U.K. could be separated into the actual countries, if that be the right term to use.


What I will attempt here, is to keep the creators mentioned to those born in what would be called England proper, my term.

Before some of you howl for The Beano1, or The Dandy2,those may make an appearance later in the alphabet where they provide an outlet for many creators.

One thing to keep in mind about comics from England is they were not a focus nor had as much an impact as they did in the United States during the early years of development. Why? Something called WWII and a focus on staying alive, holding onto a country, and putting paper and ink to better uses.

I’ll begin in an odd place today, with:

Marcus Morris

Marcus Morris Photograph, black and white.Reverend John Marcus Harston Morris OBE3 was a Publisher born in 1915 in Preston, Lancashire. His venture into comics began as a result of his belief the church was not doing enough in the way of putting out anything to combat the influences of the more violent American comics. He thought British youth needed something more wholesome and I suppose role model like.

He began a publishing career with The Anvil, including articles by C.S. Lewis4 and went on to titles such as the Eagle, Girls, Robin, and Swift. Each for a target age group.Eagle

The Eagle5 featured Dan Dare6 created by artist and writer Frank Hampson. One thing would come back to haunt specifically Hampson in later years that Morris did in order to get Eagle published. Watch the video below about Frank Hampson to find out.

Frank Hampson

Frank Hampson photograph.Frank Hampson7 was born in Audenshaw, Lancashire in 1918. He was hired by Morris as illustrator on The Anvil and went onto fame with Dan Dare which he created. Over time Hampson eventually met with legal troubles over breach of contract with his working on strip ideas while under contract with Longacre Press8. This resulted in hisFrank Hampson young.Dan Dare basically leaving the comics industry. During his days on Dan Dare, Hampson used models and research to have everything just right for his space missions. The photos here side by side show who Dan Dare was based on. Yes, that’s a younger Hampson on the right. He even had as a consultant a young science fiction writer named Arthur C. Clarke9.

 I know you’ve been waiting for him.

Alan Moore

Alan Moore writer.Alan Moore10 is a writer born in Northampton, England in 1953. Genius. I could stop there but I am certain you want more. His big start into the world of comic books came after being rejected for 2000AD11, famously known for the character of Judge Dredd12. Instead he wrote short stories for other publications at the encouragement of their editor. If you are lucky you also have copies of Moore’s work in Doctor Who Weekly13 from this time, which would be the early to mid 1980s.

He did eventually find his footing in 2000AD and he refers to his best work as The Ballad of Halo Jones14. The story of which ended sooner than expected due to intellectual property rights. But Moore had other outlets.

Marvel UK15 came calling with Doctor Who Weekly and primarily Captain Britain16. I admit Captain Britain is one of my favorite characters in the mainstream comic book atmosphere, from as far back as his appearance in Marvel Team-Up #65 with Spider-Man, which I V for Vendetta cover.have #6617, the second part.

Moore then entered into a venture that would bring him into more of the writer we know today. Warrior18 came calling. An anthology book that gave creators more freedom. With Marvelman19 and V for Vendetta20, Moore had made it, but then-America came calling.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen cover.DC21 and Swamp Thing22, John Constantine23 of the Hellblazer24 comic. Batman: The Killing Joke25, and I will leave you with two others or we will be here all day. Watchmen26, see as the mini series of all time and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen27.

I strongly urge you to go to Wikipedia and read all you can and follow the links to his various work. He is an inspiration in many ways. Not only in his writing and creativity but in his commitment to the rights of the creator of characters.

The video has some spoilers if you haven’t read Watchmen and might be interested in doings so. I suggest you do. I have them and I can tell you they are not like any other comics you’ve read. Moore puts the superhero in a whole different light and reality. He makes them more real than when Marvel made buildings have plumbing when they were lifted up, while DC had Superman picking them up and putting them down with no problem. This is bigger than that. You do get to hear Moore read from Rorschach’s journal. I found it cool to hear how the writer thought it sounded in his head.

peter-milliganPeter Milligan28, born of England, currently London, best I can tell, links to Alan Moore in that he wrote Hellblazer. But his beginning was with a familiar book called 2000AD where he had his own ongoing strip called Bad Company29. Milligan found his way into American and DC and as the ongoing writer for Batman30 in Detective Comics31.

Milligan is responsible for the character of Azrael32, who became Batman for a time after Bruce Wayne’s33back, who was in fighting as Batman, was broken by Bane34. He also did work for Marvel35 by launching Elektra36. Wrote on X-Force37, which was cancelled and replaced with X-Statix38 also cancelled.  Basically the same and with Milligan writing.


There are many more creators that could be mentioned. But if I did, as with Alan Moore, we would be here all day. Some have been mentioned previously, and some will be mentioned in future countries as partners of other creators. But for now, that’s it from England.

Let’s Connect.




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Click the D for Denmark or click the following title which is a link as well.

Denmark, Superman and Valhalla? Okay.





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15 thoughts on “England Comics Creators at home and their US invasion. #AtoZChallenge

  1. My husband comes from Preston. How interesting to find out all about these comic creators. I feel sorry for Frank stopping doing something he loves over such a minor thing.


  2. Oh I could wrap myself in this blog it is so redolent of my childhood. Comics were my reading primers, I learnt to love words through all these and more – One called Boy’s World that merged with the Eagle in circa 1968 was a fav as was the Beezer alongside the Dandy and the Beano. I think the Venusian was the scariest thing I’d seen pre Doctor Who in 1965 – well apart from Quatermass. Great to read about the guys behind them and, grrrrr, the shysters who ripped them off too. Like the pop music business back in the day. Thank you Ron. Made my day… Off to scrabble through some of the links

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I really enjoyed this…’He was shocked by the covers of those imported American comics full of sadistic violence and horror.’ I would’ve imagined that covers of that time would have been more wholesome, but maybe influenced by wartime interesting.
    So sad they sold away their rights. ‘If I’d have known what was going to happen I’d have called it vulture.’ So happy for Hampson, that his talent was acknowledged before his death, a happy ending 🙂 .
    Could anyone else ever really ‘become Batman for a time’? I suppose crime doesn’t stop for a super heroes broken back, but it just seems wrong to me. Bruce Wayne is Batman.
    A great piece of writing, so thorough. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. A lot of American comics were moving toward the horror and gore type books. That may be what he was speaking of. Eventually the comic book industry in America came under attack during the whole era when everything was being censored. You couldn’t have things on the cover like “No comic magazine shall use the word horror or terror in its title.” It’s a surprise the industry survived at all.


  4. Good to see you are doing the challenge. I think I’ve read one comic in my life and it was a Disney one, which I still have somewhere in the attic. I will go back and read your previous efforts and add you to my WordPress list. I found it very hard to find WordPress bloggers on the webpage. xx Rowena

    Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks so much, Ronovan. I am seriously struggling with some of the technical aspects of blogging. My husband works in IT and has nutted out a few things for me but there’s always so much to get sorted at home and his work is fairly demanding. He also feels like he’s competing with the blog. Anyway, I’ll give that a whirl xx Rowena

        Liked by 1 person

        • 🙂 My other is also IT, was a programmer now a support person, second in charge of the IT support for a major University here in the US. I do my own here though. I’ve dabbled and I love puzzles. Blogging is a puzzle to me and I was a teacher so I like to sort out things in posts as help guides. 🙂 By the way, You are Awesome.


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