Ripple Effect

Go watch. Don’t just skip over this because it’s a reblog. Go watch.

Battered Wife Seeking Better Life

This is my first #BeWoW blog post.  This stands for Be Wonderful on Wednesday.  It was created by the one and only Ronovan of RonovanWrites.  I’m convinced he somehow has a 36 hour day compared to the rest of us with a measly 24 hours.  There are so many different aspects of his blog he’s got to either be parked at the computer all day or (if possible) part of the computer itself.

Moving right along…

I’ve been wanting to participate in #BeWoW since it began but I find that Wednesday, being mid week and all, is one of my busy work days.  So I’m either too busy with work or I can’t find that just right inspiration to post about.  Luckily, I just watched a video that fits the #BeWoW bill.  A wonderful message told via a beautiful video.

It’s message: “A simple act of caring creates an endless…

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