A writer with class is who influences me.

A lot of people influence us in many ways. Some are good ways, some bad. These days I hope I’ve gotten past allowing people to be bad influences. At some point you know better. Then if you are honest with yourself, the only influence on you is you because you should be mature enough to know what to allow into your world of decision making and judgment making or not.

Who have I allowed into my world to be a good source to draw upon?

I suppose it all depends on what aspect of my life I am considering. I’ve been doing a lot of research on artists and writers in the world of what I call Graphic Literature. I have found one that has shown to me he is a class act.

His writing is world class. He can write any form from the comic book to the novel and sell millions of copies of either. But that talent is not what I look at for inspiration.

I’ve watched several videos of him speaking in different venues and audience situations. And in every instance he remains a class act. He is always helpful and engaging with the audience. He never acts as though he is anything special, although he must know his talent is or he would not do it.

His sense of humor in various social media is entertaining and he likes to poke fun at himself at times.

His most famous comic creation is a title his boss told him one day to go and create a new version of this comic with this name anyway you like.

Sandman made Neil Gaiman a sensation. He has not stopped since that day. No matter the number of sales, the amount of fame, he stays the same. When meeting a comic book legend who created Spider-Man, a man named Steve Ditko, he came out of the building like a fan boy in awe and giddy. It was the coolest thing I had seen.

Talent? Yes, but others have talent. Gaiman has class.

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