#BeWoW Day – Ronovan Writes Weekly #BeWoW Challenge

A new member of the #BeWoW Day family. I liked this one a lot. I like all of the ones I read but I thought I would share this one today.

EC’s blog is called thepbsblog or Pearls Before Swine. I believe today with the story written, the letter, I will rename it Perfectly Beautiful Story blog.
I had no idea there was a book to the blog.


The PBS Blog

So today I am a newbie participant in Ronovan Writes #Bewow Prompt; a weekly twitter Blogshare of positive posts. BeWoW is an acronym for “Be Wonderful on Wednesday”. Participants are supposed to compose a post comprising positivity, encouragement, motivation, or just something positive. This week, Ronovan suggested a topic where we write to our younger self: “Advice you would give to your younger self.” Of course, as he states, we don’t have to use this topic, but it is a prompt to help us to get going. I thought this was a wonderful post idea. What’s special about it for me is that last year I did a post very similar to this as suggested by The Daily Post, about when 27 year old me met 17 year old me for coffee. I’ll be 28 this year and this topic seems to have come up…

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