The Haiku Challenge Explained 4: Review and Ronovan’s Choices.

What many people who read the Challenge Post don’t realize is there is a Review or Roundup each Sunday. You see the Challenge runs from 9:00 AM EST Monday until Sunday Noon EST. Shortly after Noon on Sunday I post goes out that includes the names, blog names, and Haiku names and links and Twitter Handles of all those who participated.

If 5 people participate a post goes out, if 50 participate a post goes out.

The difference between a Review and Roundup

A Review includes my comments of either opinions, feelings, or fun teases about the Haiku. I have no shame and enjoy being goofy with this and being very honest and serious as well.

A Roundup does not have the comments due to time or health. Yes, I have health problems that interfere with do all I would like.

The Review Post Structure

First Timers will appear at the top of the post with information from their About Page to introduce them to the community.

First to Enter for the Week and appear in the comment section on the Challenge Post will be right below the New Participants in a prominent manner AND will be reblogged onto my own blog to be shared with my readers and thus my Twitter followers.

From there each person is listed in order of entry.

Authors have it mentioned they are authors and links are provided to their Amazon pages. Etsy Shop pages are linked to as well as any other blogs of the participant like one lady has a photography business.

Ronovan’s Choices

I pick one Serious Haiku and one Humor Haiku each week that grabbed me for some reason. My humor has a broad range and as always with any type of award this is an opinion. Sometimes the choice comes down to proper Haiku structure, it gets that close. And yes, I do at times have ties.

My Closing Haiku

Just as I give an Example Haiku with the Challenge Prompts, I also do a Closing Haiku with them.

Sharing the Review

I then share the Review on Twitter and Google+ on Sunday and Monday.

Courtesy in the Community

Every member of the Challenge should pay a courtesy visit to the other members. I notice some do this. Yes, it takes time, but it is nice to see how others think and to support others with some views, and likes and comments if you do actually like the Haiku and want to comment. Notice I did say SHOULD. You don’t have to visit, but it is nice, and no one knows if you don’t. If you do like it a lot, share it wherever you like to, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, wherever.

Much Love, Success, and Respect


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