#Haiku #Poetry Challenge updates.

There will be a recap this week, it’s just taking me some time on this tablet to do something worth putting out.

The challenge on Monday will be out at a random time in order for anyone to be the first to enter. And I thought for this week it would be kind of fun.

The hope is I will have a laptop by next week. In addition to the funds raised two bloggers have been in touch with Florence to make up the difference for a very nice laptop. My last one I took care of and lasted 7 years.

I still don’t know why people are doing this but it is appreciated more than any of you can know.

Much Respect


16 thoughts on “#Haiku #Poetry Challenge updates.

  1. Good to hear that you are getting the new laptop. My haiku missed the cutoff, nevertheless I will post it tomorrow…wait, if you use the same two words I will most likely be first!


  2. Reasons why people do this…
    1. We are a haikumily (and/or blog-in-laws).
    2. We can all relate to being without this stinking technology we’ve grown accustom to.
    3. Multitudes of followers going cold turkey due to lack of RonovanWrites in their lives doesn’t sound pretty.
    4. Random acts of kindness is good for the soul.
    5. We -heart- you? 🙂

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