Not a Martyr. Not a Hero.

I wasn’t planning on posting anything about a certain issue here in the U.S. but I will now. A clerk in the state of Kentucky refused to give out marriage licenses to same gender couples, stating it was against her religion. From my understanding she was then told specifically by the courts not to interfere with her employees passing the licenses out.

As a Christian I am to follow the law of the land as long as it does not keep me from following the Word of God.

Apparently the court actually gave the woman a way out. Although she was the head clerk and in charge and was supposed to sign the licenses, they said she didn’t have to. She simply needed to stay out of the way and not issue them herself.

She chose instead to do something a Christian is not to do. She forced HER Christian beliefs onto others, other workers. I say HER because her understanding apparently differs from mine.

She is not a hero or martyr for Christianity. That’s my opinion. She chose to make herself an example. The government where she lived could have fired her. Not a Martyr or HeroBut instead it was arranged for her to work around the law.

Every Christian has their own interpretation of what Christianity is. Even non-Christians have different opinions. But his is mine. I believe what I believe and I don’t force it on anyone. Each persons beliefs, relationship with God or not, is their own PERSONAL thing. By doing what this woman did she actually did exactly what the Bible said would happen, she gave people cause to speak against her and against Christianity.

I wanted to say something. I have. I’m done.

Added 18:23 EDT 9/13/2015

Reading some of the comments, I believe there are a few misunderstanding what is being said here. I am for her right to stand up for her beliefs in regards to what she does with her OWN job. But when she stands in the way of the court order that stated to allow her subordinates to issue licenses, that is when she forced her belief onto others. She in effect was making them do what her belief stated. Although some of them are Christians as well.

For those who are thinking I must be a liberal politics leaning person, I’m not. I am conservative. But what I truly am is Jesus led. Someone asked what would Jesus do in this case. Jesus would tell his opinion and then move on. He would not stand in the way of a couples personal decision to follow the law of the land OR be with whomever they chose to.






Much Respect-Much Love


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15 thoughts on “Not a Martyr. Not a Hero.

  1. I did not realize she was offered an opportunity to opt out. This whole situation is senseless. A drain on our legal resources and ultimately an unnecessary cost to taxpayers (that includes those she denied licenses to). And worst of all spotlights a radical fringe of Christianity that is getting louder and bolder in our current polarized climate. No doubt there will be more drama this week as she heads back to work this week. There are so many issues that need addressing. It sad that those are being high jacked by silliness. Sorry…didn’t expect to write so much. Hoping I’m wrong about this week.

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  2. you are correct the word does tell us to obey the law of the land unless it goes against the Word of God. Now she did what she thought was right. I can’t speak for her, but I can speak for myself. Being a follower of Jesus and I know what the word tells me I would have to take a stand. Now some might say if I worked at this place and in job duty was to give service and I refused then my mortal beliefs came into play instead of what was expected of me as an employee. One can say the same thing when it comes to the death penalty, how can you sit there behind a glass window and watch a human being die right in front of your eyes? When clearly the bible speaks about murder. In our society there seems to be allot of grey areas for people but what really matters is What Would Jesus had done?

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    • I was talking about the death penalty recently and I am against it for those very reasons. Sure we can put them in jail for life, which some say is just a waste of money on them, but then I say give them a job to do. But God gave life, God takes it away in a case like that. I share my faith on the blog quite often and I would not have issued the licenses, especially when give the opportunity not to do give them out. That was only part of her job, there was other aspects of it. When entering a government job you kind of need to expect there may some day be a conflict.

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  3. Interesting question at the end of your comment Desiray. Based on what I know about Jesus he would probably have attended the wedding of the happy couple…even turned some water into wine. The legalistic status quo leaders of his day were not too keen on his hanging out with “sinners” . 😊


  4. Bravo! Anyone who claims to know what God thinks or wants (as she did) should not be in public office in a country where there is a deliberate separation between church and state.

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  5. I say a common stance has to be adopted on this issue and it already has with legalization of same sex marriages what right does the minister have in denying the couple their rights and freedom. She may have her justifications but this does not in any way alter the fact that she was merely standing in the way of two peoples happiness. To hear the court ruling further turned things in the wrong direction is disheartening.


    • A common stance on the issue was determined by the Supreme Court, who does not make laws. They basically said this is it, regardless of the voting of any particular state. Their opinion was the constitutionality of something. And it is an opinion. The fact it was not a unanimous decision by the Supreme Court shows it is just that, an opinion of each person serving on that court. A church is not a state governed body, nor should it ever be. If it were then the government would be dictating a person’s belief system.

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  6. You’re right, she’s not a martyr nor a hero. But from what I have hear in the news, I can’t see how she forced her belief on others. She let her assistants do the licensing of same-sex marriages, so … If you mean that she spoke up about her belief, I do agree with her, because a Christian should not be silent. So many are out of political correctness, which is close to fear. Huckabee and Cruz were not, and I applaud them for that.
    By the way, thanks for sharing your view point:)


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